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DOLITTLE ( Movie Review )

Dr. John Dolittle was quite the English celebrity at one time. He was known far and wide as the man who loved animals so much that he learned to speak their language. In fact, Dolittle became such a favorite of the Queen of England that she granted him his own estate and a vast, surrounding sanctuary full of animals.

Gorillas, elephants, polar bears, peacocks, rodents and birds of every shape and size: You name it, they flocked to and populated Dolittle’s walled-away refuge. Many humans showed up on his doorstep as well to simply get his wise and insightful help with their beasty problems. In fact, Dolittle was as much an animal psychologist as he was a veterianarian and medical doctor.

Dr. Dolittle was indeed happy and loved.

But then his beloved wife, Lily, a dynamic adventurer herself, died while off on a sea journey. And in the moment he learned of her passing, everything changed in the good man’s life.

Dolittle blamed himself for not trying to keep Lily from the dangerous journey. He lamented not being able to help the one person who meant more to him than anyone or anything else in the world. And so he refused visitors from that point on he stopped seeing or speaking with humans altogether and became a forgotten hermit hidden away in a forgotten manor.

It’s only when young Lady Rose arrives from Buckingham Palace that the outside world once again peeps in on the now scruffy and heavily bearded doc. The realm’s young queen is direly ill. (Some even suspect foul play.) And with her last lucid breath, the Queen sends Lady Rose to fetch the good Dr. Dolittle. He’s the only man trusted enough to give Her Majesty the lifesaving aid she so desperately needs.

It takes quite a bit of coaxing from Dolittle’s most trusted confidant the perky parrot, Polly and several other animal friends to pry the doctor away from his isolation. But finally Dolittle and a large entourage of furry and feathered friends make their way to the palace.

Tagging along with the mobile menagerie is another new friend: Tommy Stubbins, an unsually sensitive boy who had been seeking Dolittle’s help for a wounded squirrel. Little does Stubbins know the animal-talking adventure he’s about to be swept into.

When Dolittle and his crew finally arrive at the royal residence, what they find there is dire indeed. The Queen has been poisoned with the essense of a very rare and exotic flower. And there’s only one way to cure her: They must find the fruit of the mystical Eden Tree, the very thing that Lily was seeking when she met her demise.

This will indeed be the hardest journey that Dr. Dolittle has ever taken.

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