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Getting sucked into a magical video game and nearly dying has a way of changing you. It certainly did for Spencer and his friends. It made this quartet of completely disparate teens— super-jock Fridge, cool-girl Bethany, geeky Spencer and brainiac Martha friends, for one thing.

Time, though, can change things, too. In the two years since their death-defying experience (in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle), they’ve all gone their separate ways. And they really haven’t stayed in close contact, as they had thought they would. Even Spencer and Martha the two who came out of the game as a definite couple have sorta drifted apart as of late.

So, when Spencer heads home to meet up with his pals over Christmas break from the NYC university he’s now attending, he’s feeling a bit less excited than he expected. He’s actually feeling like something of a loser: kinda like he used to feel when they were all together in high school together.

That’s apparently why he digs the pieces of the smashed up Jumanji video game console out of a box in his basement. It’s crazy, in light of all that happened before. But Spencer longs for the thrill of playing his heroic in-game avatar, Dr. Smoulder Bravestone.

Before you can say, What are you thinking!?, Spencer and his pals are once again sucked into the dangerous video game world of Jumanji. Only this time, Spencer’s octogenarian Grandpa Eddie gets pulled into the story, too. Oh, and Grandpa Eddie hits the digital ground running in the role of the hero, Bravestone, instead of Spencer.

Which raises the important question: Can a hero be incredibly muscular … and crotchety?

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