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GEMINI MAN (Movie Review)

For his 72nd government-sanctioned killing, Henry shoots a guy on a train from two kilometers away. Just another day at the office, right? But not for Henry. See, he pegged the guy in the neck: He was aiming for the head. Given that he’s now of an age where he could legitimately ask for senior citizen discounts at Golden Corral, Henry’s wondering whether it might be time to hang up his silencer.

And when he learns that his target might not have been a murderer or terrorist at all, but just a microbiologist working on some super-secret project that some in the government would like to keep super-secret … well, just more reason to walk away.

But here’s the thing about being a government assassin: It’s a really hard job to quit. Voluntarily, at least. When you step away from the hit-man game, your retirement your permanent retirement is often forced upon you. Especially when your employers think you might know more than is good for them.

Clay Verris, head of a private military agency known as Gemini, has been working closely with some government officials for quite some time now. As Henry’s former commander, he’s intimitely familiar with the world’s best assassin. He knows that Henry won’t be the easiest guy to (ahem) retire.

But Clay thinks he knows just the right guy for the job: A guy who he created quite literally to be Henry’s equal, if not better.

Clay calls him “Junior.” But he doesn’t look anything like Clay. In fact, Junior’s the spitting image of Henry himself right down to his DNA. Just 25 years younger.

Hey, you can’t be the best at something forever. But your clone? Maybe.

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