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FROZEN II (Movie Review)

It’s rarely a good sign when you start hearing voices. It’s even worse when you have, y’know, a kingdom to run.

And Elsa really wants to be a good queen to the tiny city-state of Arendelle. Who could blame her? It’s her duty for one thing, given that she inherited the place from her father. Second, Elsa went to all the trouble of saving the kingdom in the last movie (with a little help from her friends and especially her sister, Anna). And she can’t let that sort of derring-do and sacrifice go to waste now, can she?

But the singing voice is maddeningly persistent. And it seems to be calling her to a mysterious, magical forest a land that her father told her and Anna about long ago.

That territory, Northuldra by name, isn’t exactly a vacation spot in Arendelle lore. Long ago, Elsa and Anna were told when they were just children, their grandfather went up to make peace with the people there (even giving them a shiny new dam). But he was betrayed. What followed might’ve been the shortest war in Arendelle history: A fearsome battle broke out, but then the forest’s nature spirits got involved sending many an Arendellian scurrying and sealing the whole place away behind an impenetrable wall of magical mist.

Could the voice be now calling Elsa into that mist? And if so, for what purpose?

Elsa needs to find out quickly. Because even though the mist is still firmly in place, the forest’s magical spirits have begun causing havoc beyond that foggy perimeter. Arendelle is under attack not by the Northuldrians, but by these elemental forces themselves, magical manifestations of earth, air, fire and water. Soon, the city’s citizens are forced to flee to the countryside.

Elsa is determined to save her kingdom. But she’s also determined to find the source of this mysterious voice. Could it be whispering to her to help her better understand the source of her own magical powers? Is it related to the elemental attacks on her kingdom? She doesn’t know for sure. But she tells Anna, “I believe whatever is calling me is good.”

Anna’s not so sure, and she’s determined to protect her big sis at any cost. She’s going with Elsa to the fearsome north, and don’t try to stop her. Anna’s beau Kristoff and his hulking reindeer, Sven, volunteer as well. And Olaf, the talking snowman? He promises to bring snacks.

Yes, Elsa’s ready for another adventure: to investigate the voice and further explore the nature of her wonderous, fearsome powers. But this time she won’t be doing it alone. This time, she knows there are people in her life that she can’t let go.

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