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Mike Banning needs to retire.

No, really. He’s seen multiple doctors, and they’re all saying the same thing: Take it easy and be more careful. But that's kind of hard to do when your job is protecting the president of the United States and you’re up for a promotion.

Mike is conflicted. He wants to retire. He’d be able to spend more time with his family, and his health would likely improve. But as Wade Jennings, his friend from the military, says, “We’re lions.” They live for the fight. Even if it might kill them.

Before Mike can make any decisions, though, President Trumbull gets attacked, and a flurry of drones blows up every member of his security detail—everyone but Mike, that is. Mike manages to save the President, but he can't keep Trumbull from falling into a coma. And after the FBI discovers a van filled with incriminating drone equipment and Mike’s DNA, he becomes their number one suspect in the assassination attempt.

Once the president’s guardian angel, now a fugitive, Mike escapes custody to find the attack's real perpetrators. But even as he works feverishly to clear his name, it becomes clear that those who tried to take out Trumbull the first time are still out there.

And they won't fail again.

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