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It’s been a weird five years for Peter Parker even though technically, he’s barely aged a day.

Now, Peter is looking forward to a little normalcy. Instead of fretting about the end of the world, wouldn’t it be nice just to stress over finals? Instead of being a superhero, wouldn’t it be cool to just go to a superhero movie? Aquaman, maybe? With, I dunno, a girl?

He has a girl in mind, too: the cute, aloof, conspiratorial M.J. Sure, she’s a little weird. But he isn’t? Seems like a match made in heaven or, at least, in high school physics class.

Nick Fury, though, has other ideas.

The Avengers’ eye-patched CEO just came back from the Blip himself and discovered that most of his superstars have either A) died, B) gone back in time, or C) are in space somewhere doing, y’know, space things. But Fury’s well aware that Thanos is not the only superhuman threat to the earth. In fact, new threats seem to be literally burbling out of the ground.

They’re called Elementals, according to a mysterious new character dubbed (appropriately) Mysterio: semi-sentient masses of earth or air, fire or water. He fought them once in a parallel universe before they destroyed his version of Earth, that is. Now they’re here in our dimension, and Mysterio is willing to do battle yet again. But given how things ended last time he tangled with these creatures, the guy could use some help.

But Fury’s all-star lineup is just about empty. It’s time for a newish hero to get in the game to knock the dirt out of his Spidey shoes and step up to the plate.

If only he’d return Fury’s calls …

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