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SHAFT (Movie Review)

Shaft is the toughest man in New York City. If you’ve spent time on the streets, you’ve heard of him. But this movie isn’t all about him. It’s more about his son and reluctant protégé, John Shaft Jr, otherwise known as JJ.

A cyber security expert with a degree from MIT and a tech ob at the FBI, JJ Shaft is the polar opposite of his absentee father. His mom, Maya, made sure of that.

Maya left Shaft years before when JJ was a baby and vowed to give her son a peaceful, non-violent upbringing. She couldn’t protect her boy from his dad entirely: I mean, JJ still received the occasional inappropriate birthday gift from him, and he knew that his dad was somewhere out there lawlessly battling crime. But JJ could at least live a different life.

And so he has. But JJ still has a knack for problem solving, just like his old man. Which comes in handy when JJ’s best friend, Karim, turns up dead. The police say it’s just a simple overdose, but JJ’s not buying it.

An amateur investigator who knows nothing about drug dealing and the mean streets, JJ turns to his father for help. And Shaft is quick to hop aboard as long as he can take down the same man he’s been stalking for years.

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