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Ed and Lorraine Warren know evil when they see it. Well, when Lorraine sees it, anyway. Lorraine's heightened sensitivities to the spiritual world mean that she sees dark spiritual things just about every day.

It doesn't make for an easy life.

In spite of that or more accurately, because of it Lorraine and her husband have dedicated their lives to containing and stomping out the dark spiritual things of this world. And no matter how far they have to go or what they must do in the process, they keep pushing forward.

When Lorraine and Ed encounter particularly vile artifacts such as the infamously wicked doll known as Annabelle there's only one course of action: They must take those artifacts home. Now, that might seem like exactly the opposite thing you'd want to do in the face of evil. But Lorraine and Ed know that truly foul items can only be reined in when locked away and sealed with a priest's regular holy blessing.

Annabelle, for instance, is believed to be possessed by some demonic evil. But Lorraine realizes that the truth of the matter is far worse. Demons only possess people, not objects. No, Annabelle is something closer to a beacon, a magnet. For whatever reason, the doll draws evil to itself. In fact, Annabelle summons some of the most corrupt spiritual entities and unleashes these destructive forces on any nearby innocent.

Annabelle is so powerful that the Warren's must have the doll sprinkled with holy water, prayed over, blessed and then locked in a sacred glass box sealed with a talisman. Only then will the doll's unholy powers and the demons she draws be kept at bay. Then the room of artifacts itself must be triple locked against any possible breach. It's a strategy designed to keep everyone safe and sound.

The problem is, Ed and Lorraine aren't always home to keep watch over the dangerous artifacts they collect. Sure, the Warren's trust their 10-year-old daughter Judy without question. And the young woman who looks after Judy is trustworthy, too.

But evil has its ways. Yes, it has ways of deceiving and manipulating. And sometimes people can't see what's right in front of their eyes.

Which is a nasty problem indeed when you're dealing with something as evil as Annabelle.

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