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There’s something funny going on in the MiB.

That, in itself, is perhaps unremarkable. When you work for the Men in Black, you’re liable to see all manner of “funny” when you punch the clock. Maybe a thousand-tentacled creature is walking through the halls. Or perhaps a family of literal bubble-brained denizens from Zerboni is enjoying soda via osmosis. Sure, most folks might do a double-take when coming face-to-face with a one-eyed, three-nosed Begurthigarian. But at MiB, “funny” is relative.

In fact, for all the strange and colorful creatures that regularly pass through London’s truly cosmopolitan MiB headquarters, the one thing no one seemed prepared for was … a mole.When a party-hearty alien prince ostensibly under MiB protection is killed by a couple of shape-shifting assassins, it becomes clear that not all these Men (and Women) in Black are who they appear to be. And High T, London’s bureau chief, is determined to investigate.

Could the culprit be Agent H the roguish, irresponsible gadabout who’s still regarded as one of the agency’s greatest heroes? The man who, along with a still-in-the-field Agent T, saved the world with (as is oft repeated) “nothing but his wits and series 70 de-atomizers”?

Could it be Agent C a bespectacled, by-the-book bureaucrat who has taken his loathing of the handsome Agent H to new and, perhaps, unprofessional levels?

Or is it possibly newcomer Agent M?

If an outside agency was investigating, seems like she’d initially be the prime suspect. After all, she essentially broke into MiB headquarters and practically insisted someone make her an agent (which someone did). Then she ingratiated herself to notorious loner Agent H, thus earning herself the plum assignment of guarding the now-dead prince. (Then again, she was the one who formulated the whole “mole” theory in the first place.)

Or could it be, y’know, an actual mole? An intergalactic one from a few parsecs away?

Hey, this is MiB we’re talking about. You never know.

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