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Dr. Emma Russell is pretty sure she has the world's Titan problem figured out. When looking at things from a blended prospective of ancient myth and contemporary science, she's convinced that her theory makes perfect sense.

You see, these giant creatures that keep popping up around the world may seem like mindless, mountain-sized monsters to the average layman. In fact one of these rampagers killed Emma's own son and ripped her family apart as it ravaged San Francisco just a few years ago. But that tragedy drove her to pursue some intense study (as well as driving her photographer husband, Mark, to alcoholism and a separation from her), and she found that the creatures are much more than mindless.

They are, quite plainly, the Earth's defense mechanism.

Think about it: When mankind creates too many environmental disasters, spreads too much pollution or unleashes too much destructive war, things have to be balanced out. They must be set right. So the Earth itself sends out a radioactive beastie or two to level the human playing field, to eliminate the "infection," if you will. Once a sizable part of the human "pestilence" is done away with, then nature will reestablish balance, and things can get growing once again.

Emma, along with a few other radical environmentalists, believes the only hope for humanity's survival is to unleash the Titans' monstrous destruction on a worldwide scale. Sort of like ripping off a deadly Band-Aid. Sure, it'll be difficult. But in the end, it's the only feasible solution, Emma believes.

So Emma secretly manipulates the resources of a shadowy monster-management agency known as Monarch, not to track or monitor the creatures, but to spur their rage to a full boil. She creates a bio acoustic audio pulse generator called the Orca. (It was a project she and her estranged husband, Mark, began work on to communicate with whales years before.) With this device, a user can mimic the call of the Titans' Alpha, the sound they all submit to. And thus she can drive them to do her bidding. At least that's the goal.

But what if this brilliant scientist is wrong? What if her machinations actually cause a full-out Titan war that engulfs and destroys the world so completely that humanity might not just be purged, but forced into extinction? Who or what will save mankind from total destruction?

Can you say … Godzilla?

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