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ALADDIN (Movie Review)

What would you do with three wishes granted by a genie?

That's a pretty big question, especially for a guy like Aladdin. He's never had anything. After losing his parents as a boy, he's had only his wits and his pickpocket skills to call his own. Well, that and a little monkey sidekick named Abu. But trust me, having a monkey as your only parental authority (as Aladdin wryly observes) is no picnic.

So when Aladdin gets his hands on a magic lamp and finds that it's inhabited by a huge blue genie that will give him almost anything he wants, he has to think about things a bit.

I mean, he could wish to be wealthy beyond measure. He could have castles and servants. He could be incredibly powerful. But even the genie himself warns that drinking from that cup is never fulfilling. "There's never enough," the wispy blue giant says as he puffs forth from the lamp's spout. And Aladdin can see the wisdom in that.

What he wants more than anything is the love of a princess. You see, Aladdin had serendipitously met the Sultan's beautiful daughter, Jasmine, quite by accident in the city marketplace. He was there seeking a little sustenance for the day. Princess Jasmine was there in disguise, seeking insight into the people of her kingdom. But what they both found was a little unexpected romance: A smile. A laugh. A moment together with no boundaries of class.

Of course, a meager thief can't hope to woo the daughter of a sultan, no matter how charming he may be. And the genie warns that there are certain things such as causing someone to fall in love or raising the dead that are outside the purview of even his great big cosmic powers.

But there may yet be a way. Aladdin just needs to be careful about his choices, about how he uses the potent magic wishes that the genie bestows.

But his plan faces one major obstacle: Jafar, the wicked vizier to the Sultan. He's the power-hungry sorcerer who sent Aladdin crawling into a cave seeking out the magic lamp in the first place. If Jafar got his hands on the lamp, well, there's no telling what horrible things that man might do.

So Aladdin must be wise. He must consider carefully.

What would you do with three wishes?

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