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TRIPLE THREAT (Movie Review)

Payu and Long Fei are seasoned trackers hired to help find a secret military camp hidden somewhere in an East Asian jungle. They were told by the mercenary soldiers they're guiding that they're on a rescue mission: a chance to free an unjustly detained group of political prisoners.

That couldn't be further from the truth.

The real reason these heavily armed merc killers want to find that secret government camp is to free their boss, an international terrorist and assassin named Collins. They plan to break him out and then murder everyone else, including Payu and Long Fei.

Fortunately for the two trackers, they're more than just guides. They're seasoned soldiers in their own right. And pretty accomplished ones, too. They know how to squeak out of tight, deadly corners. And by the hair on their chinny-chin-chins, they avoid being obliterated by the C-4 explosives the merc team leaves behind.

Turns out someone else escaped the death-dealing at the camp as well. A guerilla fighter and fellow martial artist by the name of Jaka also makes it out. The man's wife, however, does not.

That leaves a trio of angry men with a certain set of skills. And these proficient and provoked fighters now have a common cause. As they begin tracking the murderous mercs, they realize that the killers are already locked in on another violent assignment: assassinating a certain Chinese heiress.

So this triple threat of Payu, Long Fei and Jaka now has a simple and clear objective: Save the young woman … and track down and kill all the evildoers involved.


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