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SHAZAM! (Movie Review)

What’s in a name? Shakespeare once asked.

Answer: Quite a bit, actually if the name’s Shazam.

Sure, it may sound a little goofy, but it’s not like the name came like a bolt from the blue. (Well, it did, but let’s move on for now.) And for the longest of times, a grand old wizard has kept the name and safeguarded its powers and in so doing, kept some monstrous manifestations of the Seven Deadly Sins at bay.

Alas, even a wizard’s powers don’t last forever. And when the evil genius Dr. Thaddeus Sivana breaks into Shazam’s stone temple and grabs the glowing, orb-like embodiment of those sins, that selfsame orb slams into Sivana’s eye socket and allows the nasty sins to escape and take up super-powered residence in Sivana’s body.

Only one thing can save the world from a really nasty future: the wizard Shazam must find a champion of his own one strong of spirit and pure of heart, one willing to use the fabled name and unfurl the powers it unlocks. Say the name, and boom! The chosen one becomes the World’s Mightiest Mortal. That’s a way more effective transformation process than changing clothes in a phone booth (whatever those are).

But strong of spirit, pure of heart types are pretty rare these days, and Shazam’s in a bit of a time crunch. So he settles for a 14 year old foster kid named Billy Batson.

Hey, he could do worse, right?

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