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Half of the cosmos’ lungs were stilled, half its hearts were stopped. In an instant, billions of lives became so much ash, carried aloft by a breeze or breath. For you are dust, and to dust you shall return.

Thanos had won.

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. It couldn’t … could it?

Sure, Thanos, the purple-tinged Titan, was strong. Boy was he strong powerful enough to best Thor all by himself, brutish enough to give the Hulk an inferiority complex. For centuries millennia, perhaps he’d led his armies across the galaxy, conquering worlds and killing half their inhabitants. For the good of the rest, he claimed. Small consolation to those he massacred.

But the galaxy’s an awfully big place, and Thanos was tired of messing around. He began to search for its six Infinity Stones, objects created before the dawn of time, each bestowing godlike powers. If he could claim them all, Thanos’ nihilistic ambitions would be unstoppable. Inevitable.

But is Thanos’ victory truly an inevitability? For years (chronicled by several movies), a motley collection of superheroes has managed to wrest those selfsame Infinity Stones from lesser villains: Thor bottled up the red Reality Stone. Doctor Strange claimed the green Time Stone. The ragtag heroes from Guardians of the Galaxy took the purple Power Stone away from Thanos’ own lackey, Ronan. And so on.

We believe that good is stronger than evil. We believe in our happy endings. And in fight after fight, movie after movie, our faith was rewarded.

And then came Avengers: Infinity War, and everything changed. Good lost. The happy ending never materialized. Thanos walked into the sunset as the credits rolled, leaving the galaxy to grieve. End. Done. Finished.

But is it? Could the grave that Thanos dug for half the universe still give up its stores?

Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, leads a support group to encourage others to move on from the Snap. “The world is in our hands,” he tells them. “It’s up to us, guys, to do something with it.”

But in a private moment with friend Natasha Romanoff, he admits he’s not ready to follow his own advice.

Some do move on, Cap admits. “But not us.”

Yes, the clock struck zero, and the surviving Avengers' opponent has left the field. But not all of Earth's Mightiest Heroes are ready to call it a day.

Maybe just maybe there’s a way to win yet.

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