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CAPTAIN MARVEL ( Movie Review )

Vers knows who she is. How she got that way … well, that’s a bit of a puzzle.

Yes, she’s secure in her identity as a Kree warrior. She knows that even among the Kree, she’s pretty special: Not every Kree can shoot plasma bolts out of her fists, after all. And she may feel at home on the gleaming planet of Hala, where she and her mentor, Yon-Rogg, continue to hone her skills.

But is Hala her home? When she sleeps, she sometimes dreams of a different sort of life in a different sort of place one that feels quite separate from Hala. Quite … alien.

But no matter. The Kree have a war to wage, and she has no time for introspection. They must protect their towering civilization from the Skrull a race of shape-shifting terrorists that will stop at nothing to … well, do really terrible things to the Kree, I guess. (When a war’s been going on as long as this one has, the motives can get a little blurry.)

But the Skrull, being shape shifters and all, can be a sneaky bunch. And Vers’ plasma-powered palms don’t save her when a Kree in need of rescue turns out to be a Skrull in need of a prisoner. Vers becomes that prisoner: She’s taken back to the Skrull ship, where her brain is virtually picked through for clues about who she is, what she knows and what in the blazes is up with those hot hands of hers.

But no ship can hold Vers. She manages to escape, and she follows a handful of Skrull down to a small, backward planet known only as C-53. Indeed, she sort of crashes there landing in something called a “Blockbuster Video.”

If Vers asked a native about her whereabouts, he or she'd likely tell the oddly-dressed woman that she landed somewhere in California in 1995 a year when people were still doing the Macarena, Amazon sold its first book and Batman Forever was the biggest superhero flick around. And maybe, if Vers talked with one or two of the right folks, they might’ve said that the Kree warrior looked somehow … familiar. Like someone that they knew six years ago, before she died in a terrible, experimental plane crash.

But Vers doesn’t have time to chat not even to that S.H.I.E.L.D. special agent that keeps pestering her. (What’s his name? Flurry? No, no, Fury.) The Skrull are on the loose, and she’s got to catch them before they simply fade into C-53’s sea of humanity.

Vers doesn’t know it yet, but she’s one of them. Vers Carol Danvers has come home.

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