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HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U (Movie Review)

The first time she was caught in a time loop, Tree Gelbman thought it was probably a cosmic comeuppance. You know, the universe was getting back at her for being such a rotten person.

There she was, living, dying and restarting the same day over and over again, each time trying to thwart a masked killer. Thankfully, though, she found a way of beating the odds, beating her old nasty habits, beating the death loop and beating her totally mental roommate who kept killing her repeatedly!

But just when she thought she was done with all that, something has dragged her back into the same crazy repeating loop once more. Argh! Well, OK, it's not exactly the same. Things may sound the same and look the same, but somehow it's different this time around.

Some people are nicer, some are worse. Relationships are tweaked a half turn. I mean, her formerly psycho roommate is now a real sweetie. And her Mom … her Mom is alive again somehow! It's all insane. And maybe that's the real answer, Tree thinks: She's the crazy one.

But then a geeky science guy named Samar tries to clear things up—after he and his fellow nerds realize that they have something more in common with Tree than being able to walk upright.

"Think of it like this," he says while folding a napkin in half, and in half again, several times. "Instead of just one universe, there are a number of them, each identical, each laying on top of each other like this. It's called the Multiverse Theory."

Tree nods, letting Samar prattle on.

He proclaims that his and a friend's school science project—an experimental quantum reactor—is the cause of all the discord. And not only has it shoehorned Tree back into her murderously mysterious and unexplained time loop, but it must have also punched her into a completely different universe this time. Samar illustrates by shoving a pen through the stack of napkin folds, leaving a hole in eight identical unfolded napkin squares.

Tree's brow knits. She's mad now. These dweebs are the reason this all has happened to her? Really? Now, not only does she have to work with them to solve a stupefying quantum riddle, but she also has to keep dying in bloody ways while they do so!

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