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COLD PURSUIT (Movie Review)

Nels Coxman is a hardworking, snowplow-driving family guy. He’s a man of few words. When the Rocky Mountain city of Keyho gives Nels its Citizen of the Year award for faithfully and diligently keeping its ski-resort roads clear, he sums up his acceptance simply:

“I was lucky,” Nels says about his life, with a guiless expression. “I picked a good road, and I stayed on it.”

Soon after, though, Nels’ life hits a pretty major snow bank on that road: His son, Kyle, is found dead. “Heroin overdose,” the local coroner proclaims. But that can’t possibly be true, as far as stoic Nels is concerned. His son is not a drug addict. They hunt together. They live together. Their lives are simple … and heroin-free.

The local police don’t do much digging. After all, this sort of thing happens fairly regularly in snow-clogged resort towns.

But it doesn’t take long for unflappable Nels to find out that he was right. Kyle was the unwitting victim of a drug deal at the airport that went very wrong. Said deal involved the Denver mob (who knew there was a Denver mob?), and Kyle didn't know anything about it. Kyle who was faithfully working his snowy job on the Keyho tarmac, was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.

That doesn’t sit well with one Nels Coxman. He may not be a man that stands out in a crowd, he may not be one with words, but he knows what’s right and what’s wrong.

He knows how to handle a hunting rifle. He understands justice. And with his son dead, he hasn’t got a whole lot to lose.

You see, Nels is snowplow-driving guy … with a certain set of skills.

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