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OVERLORD (Movie Review)

Nazis are just the worst.

No revelation there, of course. Not in June of 1944, either, what with some 73,000 Americans on their way to France for D-Day. Nazi Germany had been waging war on much of the world for years at that point (with a little help from its Axis friends). But now the tide seemed to be turning. The Americans and their allies were about to push the fight into Nazi-held France—beginning the long, costly trek to Berlin.

Private Boyce is proud to do his part. Sure he's scared: Sitting in the back of that plane, parachute strapped on and orange-red flowers of fire blooming all around him, who wouldn't be?

And if we're being honest, he's not even much of a soldier. When his commanding officer, Sgt. Rensin, told him to kill a mouse that was leaving little, um, gifts in the barracks, he couldn't even do that—much less pull the trigger on a human being. But Boyce understands what the war's about. He understands what's at stake. And if he can help the Allies finish things off that much quicker, and get everyone home alive that much sooner, he'll do whatever is asked of him.

In fact, the plane's full of soldiers like Boyce—American boys and men proud and scared, wanting to stay alive but willing to do their duty. And they've got an important duty to do: to take down a radio tower the Nazis have installed on a church down below. (Why a church? Because Nazis are terrible, Rensin says in so many words.) They'll be working with munitions expert Cpl. Ford, and Rensin tells his men to follow Ford's orders like they would Rensin's own. It's an important mission—not easy, but doable, with plenty of men on hand to help.

Alas, war is notoriously hard on both men and missions. Their plane gets hit, and some soldiers are sucked into a fiery maw that was once its tail. Others die before their feet ever touch terra firma, dangling from trees like ghastly ornaments. Only five arrive at the rendezvous point, and just four make it to the French town near the church: A tiny squad to be sure, but enough, maybe, to do their mission.

But while Ford and his skeleton crew have their eyes fixed on the tower, the Nazis are focused on what's in the church basement: The makeshift operating tables, the syringes filled with strange orange serum. And the … things, locked up and monitored, the walking horrors unspeakable.

Yup, Nazis. They're the worst.

Especially if they're Nazi zombies.

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