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Quaint, quiet Cherry Tree Lane isn’t what it once was. The familiar spark of magic has left the air, and the Great Depression has settled over London like a thick fog.

Young Michael Banks and his sister, Jane, aren’t so young anymore. A former painter, Mr. Banks has recently traded in his brushes for a more “adult” job: working part time at the local bank. Michael’s wife, Mrs. Banks, has passed away, leaving behind a loving husband, three beautiful children (John, Anabel and Georgie), Jane, and house helper Ellen.

Everyone and everything feels Mrs. Banks' absence. You see, life was simply lighter when Mrs. Banks was alive. Things were simpler. But times have changed—not for the better. And a loan that Michael Banks took out to pay for his family’s expenses is long overdue, putting even more pressure on the grieving family.

And so the loan sharks arrive at Cherry Tree Lane to collect the entire sum, or to repossess the Banks’ family home. They're unyielding in their demands, unwilling to give the new widower a break. Mr. Banks has four days, until Friday at midnight, to come up with the money.

It's an impossible task. Unless, of course, the Banks family can remember where that little paper is. You know, the one with all the information about their shares at the bank. But it’s not in the study, or in the attic or in the—

Wait—what’s that? In the air? Right there! Don’t you see it?

Why, it’s Mary Poppins of course! She’s come to help the Banks family once again. And maybe, just maybe, she can remind them, in her practically perfect way, that nothing is ever completely lost.

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