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HUNTER KILLER (Movie Review)

All it takes is one evil madman to ruin it for everyone. Then again, it only takes one hero to save the day.

Joe Glass spends most of his time hunting and living a low-key life off the grid. He's very good at what he does: stalking his prey. But when the U.S. military calls, he's ready to respond.

Glass is the government's somewhat unconventional choice to command the USS Arkansas, a hunter killer submarine—the kind of vessel that stealthily stalks others of its kind. His mission? Discover what became of an American sub that vanished in the Arctic.

That task is hard enough. But Glass and his crew soon swim into a much bigger mission as this sub story unfolds. And it's not long before they're working with Navy SEALs to extract the embattled Russian president from a coup … risking everything to prevent the next world war.

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