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HALLOWEEN (2018) Movie Review

They never happened.

That's right. Forget about Halloween II, Halloween 5, Halloween H20. Push the seven sequels out of your mind. Don't let it wander to the Halloween reboot of 2007 or its 2009 sequel. As far as the 2018 residents of Haddonfield, Illinois, are concerned, those movies never happened. They might as well be fever dreams, for all they know.

No, in this timeline, Michael Myers, the serial killer who stalked babysitters and hacked up five people in Haddonfield back in 1978, has been safely locked away in Smith's Grove Sanitarium. For 40 years, he's lived there—standing, sitting, eating, drinking, getting older.

But never talking.

Never talking.

Michael's former psychiatrist, Dr. Loomis, said the killer was "purely and simply evil." He couldn't be saved. He couldn't be rehabilitated. Perhaps the best—the only—thing one can do in the face of such evil, Loomis believed, is to destroy it.

Laurie Strode would agree. Michael killed many of her friends 40 years ago. He nearly killed her, of course. She survived, but Michael exacted a price, and Laurie's still paying.

Her hair's gray now. She has a daughter and granddaughter of her own. But her life is still stuck to Michael's as if he pinned her to his wall with a long, sharp knife. She can't forget that night and has spent the last 40 years prepping for an encore. Her house is a fortress. She trained her only daughter, Karen, to fight Michael—or did until the state took her away. "I spent my entire life trying to get over the paranoia," Karen later says.

Karen, now grown with a husband and daughter (Allyson) of her own, can barely talk to Laurie now, so lost is her mother in her obsession. The world, Karen believes, is a better place than her mother imagines. Not every rap on the door comes from a serial killer. Michael's been locked up for 40 years now. Forty. Years. Enough's enough.

He's never coming back.

Laurie knows better.

Laurie knows better than anyone that evil's hard to kill. And you can't keep it locked up forever. When Michael escapes, she'll be ready—with both barrels pointed at the door.

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