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A SIMPLE FAVOR (Movie Review)

Stephanie Smothers might be in the running for world’s best single mom. Full-time mommy vlogger and connoisseur of all things domestic, Stephanie buzzes around at every elementary school function with her son, Miles, a handful of balloons and a plate of cookies always in tow.

She’s ready and available at any time, even if it's just helping out with one simple favor. Which is why when best friend Emily asks her to pick up her son, Nicky, she does so without hesitation.

But when dinnertime rolls around and Emily hasn't shown up yet, Stephanie starts to get worried. It’s so unlike Emily to be late. And not to respond to her texts. The next morning, Stephanie takes the boys to school; still no word from Emily.

Now she’s worried.

Stephanie calls Emily’s husband, Sean. A few hours later, the police launch a full-fledged investigation into Emily's absence.

Where is Emily?

As the police interrogate family members about Emily’s mysterious disappearance, Stephanie begins to question her knowledge of her best friend.

You can get close to her but you can never quite reach her.

After all, how much can you really know someone?

She’s like an enigma. Like a beautiful ghost.

And what if the person you thought you knew doesn’t even exist?

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