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THE PREDATOR (Movie Review)

Quinn McKenna is a Special Forces guy who's very effective behind a sniper scope and hair trigger. If you want some scum somewhere in the world taken out at 1,000 feet via a bullet to the forehead, Quinn's your guy.

His latest kill-the-bad-guy mission, though, was interrupted when a UFO came crashing down in his vicinity. Yep, you read that right: an unidentified flying object. And after the crash, this large, nasty-looking armored creature crawled out of the wreckage and killed Quinn's whole squad.

Well, not quite the whole squad. Quinn managed to get away. He even escaped with a few pieces of alien tech that he mailed to himself as a kind of insurance.

Insurance for what, you ask? C'mon, you've seen sci-fi movies before, right? This was a killer space alien. For all Quinn knows, the government will probably try to cover the whole thing up. And maybe make him, um, disappear.

Which is exactly what happens.

U.S. authorities somehow get their hands on said alien and tuck the beastie away in some secret facility. Then Quinn gets sent off to be institutionalized for, uh, "seeing a space alien." He's soon lumped in with a bunch of other "crazy" ex-G.I.s, all of whom run the gamut from being merely shell shocked to full-on bonkers.

Of course, the government's whole cover-up strategy goes sideways anyway. (I mean, these things always go sideways, right?)

After that captive alien escapes—and another even bigger one shows up—it's rampage time. And Quinn, a pretty biologist named Casey, and a gaggle of self-proclaimed "loonies" are the only ones left standing between deadly aliens and all the innocents in a heavily populated area.

One of those innocents, Quinn's young son, Rory (who's on the spectrum) asks about all the killing. He wonders what makes Quinn any different from other people and things that kill and murder. And after a pause, Quinn proclaims that the difference is in how much someone enjoys the deadly things he does.

But the dirty little secret, though, is that Quinn kinda likes killing things.

He likes it a lot.

So does the Predator.

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