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Once upon a time, in a Hundred-Acre Wood, under the name of Sanders, there lived a bear called..Oh bother. Forget about the bear. Christopher Robin has.

Christopher has no time for such childish things these days. He can't be bothered with honey and heffalumps, tea parties and pinned-on tails. He's an adult now, for goodness' sake. He has a bear called Winnie the a job. A very important job, I might add, working for a luggage company. He has a family, too: a lovely wife, Evelyn, who loves him very much. Or, at least, she used to, back when he'd dance and laugh. And we can't forget Pooh. He was the sort of bear that loved Madeline, Christopher's young daughter. She's just a bit older than Christopher was when he played in the Hundred-Acre Wood with Piglet and Eeyore and Tigger and the rest. He was the Woods' undisputed champion back then, a 6-year-old hero who'd save them all from wind and high waters, and pulling Pooh out of rabbit holes when he ate too much honey.

But Madeline has no time for such nonsense, Christopher feels. Not with boarding school just a few weeks away. She must learn her arithmetic and keep up with her reading. She must work hard. Christopher wants only the best for his little girl, and that means preparing her to succeed and excel in a bitter, brutal world.

No, the Hundred-Acre Wood is closed to traffic now, shuttered and boarded. Christopher Robin has no time to visit it. No one does. Trespassers W But Pooh loved Christopher Robin just as much. Maybe more. So one foggy, soggy day, when he wakes up and finds the Hundred-Acre Wood empty of his friends, he has just one thought: "Christopher Robin must help me find everybody," he says. "Or help everybody find me."

And so Pooh crawls through a door that opens into a towering tree. And somehow, someway, Pooh pops out in London. Noisy, smelly, gray London, where a man … his face lined and worn, clutching a briefcase filled with Very Important Things … sits on a park bench and worries. Alone.

Pooh recognizes Christopher Robin immediately. He's just the same, underneath the wrinkles and care. It's time to renew acquaintances.

Even a bear of very little brain knows that things are so much more friendly with two

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