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OCEAN'S EIGHT (Movie Review)

The well-known and well-liked con artist, Danny Ocean, is gone. Or, at least, most people think he's met his end and was laid to rest behind that beautiful slab of granite with his name etched in it. One of his last acts, apparently, was to send his old crime-connected compatriot , Rueben, to deliver a message to his sister Deb.

Don't, Danny essentially says from beyond the grave. Just … don't. Sure, the crime scheme Deb has in mind is solid and clever, but Danny felt it was sure to land Deb back in the slammer.

"He said you should give it up," Rueben tells her.

Debbie Ocean, however, has never been one to give up on an idea she's sunk her teeth into. And even a loved one's parting words don't give her pause. She's convinced that her thieving gambit will work.

She's spent years of her most recent incarceration envisioning every angle. Every detail. And each time her mental machinations ended up in failure, she'd rewind and think them through again. After five years, she'd thought of every conceivable loophole, fumble and slip-up; and she's solved them all. Her plan is perfect. She'll even be running a con within a con, but nobody else in her crew will need to know that.

Debbie's BFF, Lou, doesn't believe the plan could possibly be as flawless as Debbie thinks it is. Lou's a gifted grifter herself, and she's certain a jewel theft of the magnitude Deb's thinking of will involve 20 or more people and hundreds of thousands of dollars in seed money. But Deb Ocean only smiles. "I need seven people and $20,000," she declares. Her plan is measured, it's focused. In 12 weeks, she assures Lou, they'll all be banking a cool $16 million each.

Of course, Deb stepped out through the prison gates yesterday with only $45 in her pocket. But give her a day or two, and everything she needs will fall into place.

Danny's not the only Ocean who knows how to ebb and flow.

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