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In spite of the Galactic Empire's heavy-handed lockdown of, well, nearly everything, there's still a lot going on in Han Solo's life.

It's been several years since the young man narrowly escaped life as something of an indentured servant on his grungy, crime-ridden home planet of Corellia.

Since then, he's gone to war as a grunt in the Empire's massive army. He's stumbled across a group of smugglers led by a wily rogue named Beckett. And he's nearly been devoured by a half-starved Wookie by the name of … Chewbacca.

Whooo! It's been quite an eventful stretch. But for Han it's only the beginning. See, he's got plans. Big plans. Sure, he's still a little wet behind the ears. And he might have to fall in with that Tobias Beckett guy for a while. But only until they can hit a big score. He just needs a little money to buy his own ship.

After that, he's determined to return to Corellia to rescue his girlfriend, Qi'ra, who was unable to escape the clutches of the nasty criminal kingpin who kept both her and Han—and many other children and young people—under lock and key.

But once he rescues Qi'ra, there will be nothing to hold them back. They'll live a life of adventure—doing what they want, letting the universe unfold before them.

He just needs that one big score. And hey, while he's working on that, he might as well become the galaxy's best pilot, too.

But it won't be easy, of course. Because nothing ever comes easily when your name is Han Solo.

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