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SHOW DOGS ( Movie Review )

Max is a dedicated NYPD police dog. But if that makes you think of some TV mutt sniffing boxes at the airport, you're barking up the wrong tree.

Max, you see, is a canine detective who solves the crimes. And he's happy to do it all on his own. He'll leap into any confrontation, subdue the baddies, then drag them off to jail with their collars in his teeth.

That is, he would … if his human police partners would just get out of his way once in a while. The problem is, his clumsy handlers tend to treat him like a second-class citizen.

In fact, he was about to crack a Panda-smuggling ring wide open recently when some bumbling FBI guy named Frank blundered into him down at the docks. It was like a dog-and-pony show: Every time Max was ready to bite into the perpetrators, that Frank dude would come running in and mess things up.

It's enough to make a good dog growl.

So Max is fit to be tied—or at least put on a leash—when he finds out the next day that the chief wants him to work with Frank in an undercover sting operation. The authorities have received a hot tip that smugglers are plotting to sell some contraband animals at a Las Vegas dog show. And Max and Frank have been tagged to pose as contestants in the dog show.

Well, this is a barkingly bad idea if you ask Max. I mean, he's no wimpy sit-on-a-cushion-and-eat-grapes show dog! Max is from the streets. He chows down whatever gets thrown in his bowl. And if someone thinks Max is going to submit to one of those show-dog bikini-wax treatments, well that someone should prepare to lose a finger. Or three.

But … this plan is probably the best way to get back on the scent of those ruthless crooks. So Max agrees to partner up.

Oh, the indignities a seasoned police dog must put up with just to take a bite out of crime.

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