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RAMPAGE (Movie Review)

It all started back in 1993.

That's when scientists first began revolutionary research on genetic editing. Now, decades later, scientists at Energyne have built on that foundation, making remarkable breakthroughs in DNA manipulation. But they've come with a nasty side effect: lab animals mutating to become much larger and more aggressive than they naturally are. In fact, researchers on a space station are unable to cage the genetically modified beasties they've begotten. And one day, an experiment in orbit goes disastrously awry, sending genetically modified particles, raining down upon the San Diego Zoo …

… and into the bloodstream of a gentle giant of an albino gorilla named George. The same particles find new hosts in an alligator and a wolf elsewhere. The result? Each animal grows in size and city-smashing aggression, thanks to their newly altered genetic codes. George is more giant than ever. But he's anything but gentle now.

Who can stop these creatures' Godzilla-like rampage? Perhaps only George's longtime trainer, primatologist and all-round animal whisperer Davis Okoye. He bands together with Dr. Kate Caldwell. Together, they might just be the only two people on Earth who can save the planet from being ravaged by the mutating monsters mankind has unwittingly unleashed.

Rampage delivers a message about the importance of preserving life on Earth even as the story warns against the unknown risks of "monkeying around" with animals' genetic codes.

Davis has the ability to connect deeply with animals, intuitively relating to them in ways that calm them. And, this being the kind of action film that it is, Davis and Kate obviously put their lives on the line (as do many other minor characters) to stop the mutated monsters from tearing through skyscrapers.

Humanity's goodness gets called into question at certain points, but it's obvious that heroes can still stand up against those who commit evil. The film also suggests that those who are cruel, harsh and vindictive will eventually face justice. The value of friendship—sometimes in unlikely relational combinations—is another redemptive theme here.

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