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Infinity War’s Coolest Ad is in a Japanese Newspaper

Avengers: Infinity War is edging closer and new advertisements are popping up everywhere with the coolest one in a Japanese newspaper. The final installment of the Avengers franchise is teasing that everything will end and things are changing. Asking “Where will you be when it all ends?” Marvel knows the world will be watching.

If the world isn’t watching, they’re prepared to help folks along. Marvel has dedicated a marketing plan that’s rumored to cost upwards of $150 million and feature multiple partners. Fans can expect to see advertisements from partners like Quicken Loans, Ziploc, and Coca-Cola. Television spots and new ads have also started rolling in. With three short weeks to go, fans have already gotten a look at Spider-Man in action, seen Steve and Bucky reunited (along with plenty of Wakanda) and might have discovered the location of the long-missing Soul Stone. The race is on to create a creative marketing campaign to get fans even more excited.

Posted to Instagram by user Roaring Boar, a Japanese newspaper might have already won the coolest advertisement award. The post spotlighted a really cool advertisement ad with plenty of punch. The ad showed off the scene of Tony Stark looking surprised on the streets of New York City and gave viewers a close look at the Infinity Gauntlet with Thanos punching through the paper itself to make his presence known.

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The ad certainly seems to follow the idea that “everything will end” whether fans want it or not. According to Avengers: Infinity War writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely the Avengers aren’t prepared to deal with the threat of the Mad Titan. Every ad seems to hint that alliances will be made and new characters will grab the spotlight, but the image of Thanos punching his way into everyone’s view seems like a perfect way to honor his quest to “balance the universe” and make sure he has everyone’s attention.

The Mad Titan has a lot going for him, but in the wake of Black Panther, fans might be nervous about the build-up of Marvel’s greatest big bad. Black Panther’s Erik Killmonger was heartbreaking and dangerous, developing a devoted fan following. Thanos’s arrival has been teased for almost a decade and it’s always possible he might not be everything he’s been built up to be.
Marvel, however, is operating on the idea that Thanos is a force to be reckoned with and every ad seems to hint at his unquestioned physical prowess. At the very least, he’ll be delivering an emotional punch between himself and Gamora, but his physical presence can’t be denied as this ad clearly illustrates. While the Avengers may be headed for a pretty major loss, the real winner in the battle between the heroes and the long-awaited Titan is the audience who are in for an amazing film.

Source: Roaring Boar/Instagram

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