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Taxi 5 Is France's Answer To Fast & Furious ( Movie Review )

No, your eyes don't deceive you - that is a Peugeot 407 pursuing a Ferrari 458 Italia.

Last year we were utterly spoiled with car-centric movies, with Baby Driver, Cars 3, and Overdrive all releasing in the same year. This year's car movie schedule looks less congested, however. Sure, the new Lexus LC 500 will star in an action-packed chase scene in Marvel’s Black Panther movie this month, and the Hyundai Veloster will feature in the upcoming Ant Man sequel, but cars won’t be central to the plots in these movies. Enter Taxi 5, a French comedy film that looks like it will feature some fun car action scenes.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Taxi film series, the first film was released way back in 1998 before the first Fast & Furious film. The first three films were famous for starring a pimped-out Peugeot 406 taxi in some underrated car chase scenes set in Paris. Being an over the top French comedy, this was no ordinary Peugeot 406 as the sedan could transform itself depending on driver requirements, from adding racing tires, splitters and spoilers, to equipping wings allowing it to fly. It was replaced with a more modern Peugeot 407 in Taxi 4 which will be returning in the fifth film. There was also the American Taxi remake in 2004 featuring a Ford Crown Victoria cab, but the less said about that film the better.

The plot revolves around a police officer “assigned to take down a group of Italian robbers who drive powerful Ferraris” while enlisting the driving skills of the famous taxi driver which sounds very similar to the first film. It’s all an excuse to show some wild chase scenes involving exotic Ferraris and Lamborghinis and destroy copious amounts of French cars. 

You can get a taste of Taxi 5’s crazy car action in a new trailer released for the film. Only in this film will you see a Peugeot 407 pursuing a Ferrari 458 Italia. Once again, Luc Besson, famous for directing The Fifth Element and writing the Taken series, is producing the film, but lead actor Samy Naceri won’t be reprising his role for the first time in the series. Taxi 5 looks like a fun ride that doesn’t take itself too seriously, unlike recent Fast & Furious films. 


Supreme & Lacoste Strike Back With New Spring 2018 Collection

Supreme and Lacoste link for another round of crocodile madness.

Following up from last year’s collaboration with the French clothing company Lacoste, Supreme is back again this Spring season with another collection that’s full of streetwear classics. Embodying René Lacoste’s legacy, the collection is made up of outerwear, shorts, sweatshirts, and of course, Lacoste’s signature staple from 1929 — the tennis shirt, also known as the Polo shirt. In the complete collection, the use of Lacoste’s signature colors along with summer hues/pastels are included in with Supreme’s prevalent red color, and can be seen across such items as the Wool Varsity Jacket, Velour Half-Zip Track Top, Sweatshorts, Camp Cap, Velour Bucket hat, Crewneck Sweatshirt, Hoodie and 6-Panel Hat.

Key pieces include the Nylon Anorak and Track Pant featuring an all-over 3M® reflective crocodile-grid pattern, and the tonal Waist Bag and Shoulder Bag. Look for the Supreme x Lacoste Spring 2018 collection to drop at Supreme online, NY, L.A. and European locations on April 19, followed by a later Japan release of April 21.

2 New Posters Revealed For AVENGERS

INFINITY WAR and New Promo Spot Focuses on Spider-Man

As the release of Avengers: Infinity War fast approaches, Marvel has released two new posters for the film. The first is for Dolby Cinema and the second is RealD 3D. Both of these posters are great. It's one thing to see all of these characters packed together in a poster, but it's another thing to see them all together on the big screen. We know that there's going to be an epic shot in the film that features every character and I imagine that it will take place during the climactic battle of the film. While we wait to see that in the movie, enjoy the posters!

I also included a low-quality promo spot for the film that focuses on Spider-Man and features a good amount of new footage of the web-slinger. One of those scenes involves his first encounter with Star-Lord.

MoviePosterAvengers: Infintiy WarMarvel10 Hours Agoby Joey Paur

Madame Tussauds Justice League Experience Puts Fans in the DCEU

A new Justice League experience has been announced for Madam Tussauds Orlando which will be based on the Warner Bros. DC Extended Universe movie franchise. Launching in 2013 with Man of Steel, the DCEU’s most recent release was their highly anticipated team-up venture, Justice League, which assembled Batman (Ben Affleck), Superman (Henry Cavill), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Flash (Ezra Miller) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher) against the invading Steppenwolf. While Justice League made a profit, it proved to be the lowest grossing DCEU movie and attracted decidedly mixed reviews, with criticism specifically aimed at the movie’s plot, use of CGI and antagonist.

Founded in London during the 19th Century by Marie Tussaud, Madame Tussauds is an iconic museum of wax sculptures that has since opened attractions across the world, with the Orlando site officially unveiled in 2015. Famous for creating incredibly lifelike waxworks of celebrities, politicians and fictional characters, Madame Tussauds previously delved into the world of comic books with Marvel Studios, unveiling an Age of Ultron Hulkbuster statue at their Las Vegas exhibition, with Stan Lee himself cutting the ribbon.

Madame Tussauds Orlando have now partnered up with Warner Bros. to develop a Justice League Experience named Justice League: A Call For Heroes, which is specifically based on the DCEU incarnation of the legendary superhero team. Launching on May 25th, the experience promises hi-tech interactivity as visitors join the Justice League to battle Lex Luthor, taking on a series of missions in locations such as Gotham City and Metropolis. Madame Tussauds are also holding a promotional treasure hunt, whereby fans that find hidden Mother Boxes can win a special VIP experience, which may explain why Steppenwolf was so keen on nabbing them.

Undoubtedly, bringing together the famous waxworks of Madame Tussauds with the timeless characters of Justice League is a winning combination. However, it’s interesting to see how keen the company is to do more than simply invite visitors to admire their wonderful creations, and Justice League: A Call For Heroes is placing a great deal of emphasis on interactive elements that involve fans in the exhibits, rather than just asking them to stand back and view from a distance. For example, visitors will apparently be able to help Wonder Woman release a blast from her gauntlets and aid Superman in lifting a helicopter.

While the Justice League experience certainly sounds like a treat for fans of both the DCEU movies and DC comics in general, some may be questioning whether it would have been wiser to base the exhibition on classic comic versions of each character, rather than the Warner Bros. varieties, due to the lukewarm fan reaction to the DCEU. Aside from Wonder Woman, the franchise has struggled in comparison to its Marvel rivals and with the status of Ben Affleck’s tenure as Bruce Wayne still unknown, the future of the Justice League in the DCEU is far from certain.


RAMPAGE (Movie Review)

It all started back in 1993.

That's when scientists first began revolutionary research on genetic editing. Now, decades later, scientists at Energyne have built on that foundation, making remarkable breakthroughs in DNA manipulation. But they've come with a nasty side effect: lab animals mutating to become much larger and more aggressive than they naturally are. In fact, researchers on a space station are unable to cage the genetically modified beasties they've begotten. And one day, an experiment in orbit goes disastrously awry, sending genetically modified particles, raining down upon the San Diego Zoo …

… and into the bloodstream of a gentle giant of an albino gorilla named George. The same particles find new hosts in an alligator and a wolf elsewhere. The result? Each animal grows in size and city-smashing aggression, thanks to their newly altered genetic codes. George is more giant than ever. But he's anything but gentle now.

Who can stop these creatures' Godzilla-like rampage? Perhaps only George's longtime trainer, primatologist and all-round animal whisperer Davis Okoye. He bands together with Dr. Kate Caldwell. Together, they might just be the only two people on Earth who can save the planet from being ravaged by the mutating monsters mankind has unwittingly unleashed.

Rampage delivers a message about the importance of preserving life on Earth even as the story warns against the unknown risks of "monkeying around" with animals' genetic codes.

Davis has the ability to connect deeply with animals, intuitively relating to them in ways that calm them. And, this being the kind of action film that it is, Davis and Kate obviously put their lives on the line (as do many other minor characters) to stop the mutated monsters from tearing through skyscrapers.

Humanity's goodness gets called into question at certain points, but it's obvious that heroes can still stand up against those who commit evil. The film also suggests that those who are cruel, harsh and vindictive will eventually face justice. The value of friendship—sometimes in unlikely relational combinations—is another redemptive theme here.


Twitter replaces its gun emoji with a water gun

Twitter has now followed Apple’s lead in changing its pistol emoji  to a harmless, bright green water gun. And in doing so, the company that has struggled to handle the abuse, hate speech and harassment taking place across its platform, has removed one of the means for online abusers to troll their victims.

The change is one of several rolling out now in Twitter’s emoji update, Twemoji 2.6, which impacts Twitter users on the web, mobile web and on Tweetdeck.

Below: Apple’s water gun

Below: Twitter’s water gun

The decision to replace an emoji of a weapon to a child’s toy was seen as a political statement when Apple in 2016 rolled out its own water gun emoji in iOS 10. The company had also argued against the addition of a rifle emoji, ultimately leading to the Unicode’s decision to remove the gun from its list of new emoji candidates that same year.

With these moves, Apple was effectively telling people that a gun didn’t have a place in the pictorial language people commonly use when messaging on mobile devices.

These sorts of changes matter because of emoji’s ability to influence culture and its function as a globally understood form of communication. That’s why so much attention is given to those emoji updates that go beyond the cosmetic — like updates that offer better representations of human skin tones, show different types of family groupings or relationships or give various professions — like a police officer or a scientist — both male and female versions, for example.

In the case of the water pistol, Apple set a certain standard that others in the industry have since followed.

Samsung also later replaced its gun with a water gun, as did WhatsApp. Google, meanwhile, didn’t follow Apple’s lead, saying that it believed in cross-platform communication. Many others left their realistic gun emojis alone, too, including Microsoft.

“The main problem with the different appearances of the pistol emoji has been the potential for confusion when one platform displays this as an innocuous toy, and another shows the same emoji as a weapon. This was particularly an issue in 2016 when Apple changed the pistol emoji out of step with every single other vendor at the time,” notes Jeremy Burge, Emojipedia’s founder and vice chair on the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee. “Now we’re seeing multiple vendors all changing to a water pistol image all in a similar timeframe with Samsung and Twitter both changing their design this year,” he says.

On Twitter, however, the updated gun emoji very much comes across as a message about where the company stands (or aims to stand) on abuse and violence. A gun — as opposed to a water gun — can be far more frightening when accompanied with a threat of violence in a tweet.

The change also arrives at a time when Twitter is trying — some would say unsuccessfully — to better manage the bad behavior that takes place on its platform. Most recently, it decided to publicize its rules around abuse to see if people would then choose to follow them. It has also updated its guidelines and policies for how it would handle online abusers, to mixed results.

In addition, the change feels even more like a political message than the Apple emoji update did, given its timing — in the wake of Parkland, the youth-led #NeverAgain movement, the YouTube shooting and the increased focus on the NRA’s contributions to politicians.

Twitter has confirmed the change in an email with TechCrunch, saying the decision was made for “consistency” with the others that have changed.

However, Emojipedia shows that not all companies have updated to the water gun. Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Messenger, LG, HTC, EmojiOne, emojidex and Mozilla still offer a realistic pistol, not the green toy.

But Apple and Samsung perhaps hold more weight when it comes to where things are headed.

“I know some users object to what they see as censorship on their emoji keyboard, but I can certainly see why companies today might want to ensure that they aren’t showing a weapon where iPhone and Samsung Galaxy users now have a toy gun,” Burge says. “It’s pretty much the opposite to the issue with Apple being out of step with other vendors in 2016.”

The gun was the most notable change in Twemoji 2.6, but Emojipedia notes that other emoji have been updated as well, including the kitchen knife (which now looks like more of a vegetable slicer than a weapon for stabbing), the Crystal Ball, the Alembic (a glass vessel with water) and the Magnifying Glass, with more minor tweaks to the Coat, Eyes and emoji faces with horns.

Image credits: Emojipedia; Apple Water Gun: Apple


Instagram launches a portrait mode and a new way to tag friends in Stories

Minor changes for the app’s latest update

Instagram added a couple of new features today, and the biggest news is a portrait mode feature called Focus. The app also has a new way of mentioning other users in stories with a sticker.

Focus mode is basically Instagram’s take on the portrait mode that’s been popping up in every new smartphone. The company says Focus will be found under the record button next to the superzoom setting. “As soon as there’s someone in the shot, you’ll notice the person stays in focus while the background softly blurs,” Instagram said in the statement. “Simply tap to take a photo or tap and hold to record a video.”

Additionally, there’s a new way to mention another Instagram user on iOS. The “@mention” sticker is in the sticker tray. Select it, and find the user just like mentioning them in a photo caption.

Instagram says Focus is available on the iPhone 6S and up and select Android devices as part of an app update rolling out today.


Supreme x RIMOWA Spring 2018 Collection Pricing and Release Info

In 45L and 82L sizes.

After an Instagram teaser revealed the collaboration earlier yesterday, Supreme is confirmed to be working with legacy luggage makers RIMOWA for a logo-centric rework of the Topas suitcase model.

Originally founded in 1898, founder Paul Morszeck initially created suitcases out of wood and leather until 1937 when the first aluminum suitcase was developed. A factory fire left behind the lightweight and fire resistant metallic model to eventually become the brand’s now world-renown and respected Topas suitcase. The brand’s distinctive vertical grooves were added in 1950 after mimicking the construction of commercial aircraft exteriors and now exists as the brand’s signature aesthetic.

For the Supreme x RIMOWA collaboration, the duo partner up to create both custom red and black metallic versions of both the carry-on 45L and check-in 82L sizes. Supreme’s logo prominently adorns both the posterior and anterior facades, while the interiors feature Supreme-branded internal Flex-Divider packing systems. TSA-friendly combination locks, Multiwheel® ball-bearing wheels and step-less telescopic handles provide maximum functionality. The 45L Topas Multiwheel will retail for $1,600 USD (£1,050 GBP) and the 82L Topas Multiwheel for $1,800 USD (£1,150 GBP).

The Supreme x RIMOWA collaboration collection will release online and in the NY, Brooklyn, LA, London and Paris stores on April 12. Japan will see an April 14 release. To learn more about RIMOWA, CEO Alexandre Arnault breaks down the brand’s contemporary relevance.

Source: Eddie Eng


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