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Not much escapes the wrath of a Category 5 hurricane. And in 1992, when Hurricane Andrew swept over Gulfport, Alabama, Will and Breeze Rutledge watched their father’s tragic death unfold before their eyes.

These days, the brothers live vastly different lives in an effort to forget the past. Though he remains terrified of hurricanes, Will has nevertheless earned a Ph.D. in synoptic meteorology. Breeze, meanwhile, still resides in Gulfport, working as a mechanic and tow truck driver by day, and passing his days with women and alcohol by night.

That's when Tammy shows up. No, she's not one of Breeze's casual lovers. Instead, Tammy is supposed to be a Category 2 hurricane. Will suspects it will be much worse, and he's in town again to track and research it. Oh, and to encourage Breeze to get out of town like everyone else who's under mandatory evacuation orders from the sheriff.

But outrunning a deadly storm will soon be the least of Will and Breeze's problems. You see, a hurricane offers perfect cover for an audacious crime. It's an ideal opportunity to break into the U.S. Treasury facility in Gulfport to steal the hundreds of millions in worn-out currency sent there to be shredded.

And what a heist it will be, run by a honcho by the name of Connor Perkins. He and his unruly gang feel that they're entitled to the fortune that the U.S. government cavalierly shreds on a regular basis. But there’s just one catch: The facility's power has been partially knocked out by the storm (though somehow, lights and computers are still on), and the backup generator has died, too. So these would-be thieves are now down to the wire if they want to perfectly execute their audacious plan.

Only a couple of people stand in their way. The first, Treasury Agent Casey Corbin, is determined not to let them get away with the crime. And then there's Will, who's similarly determined to rescue brother Breeze, who's been captured for the purpose of restarting that broken generator.

Will intends to do everything possible to save his hostage brother, because he's not going to let a hurricane claim the life of another person he loves dearly. But doing that will require facing his memories of another storm that's haunted him for his entire life.

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