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PETER RABBIT ( Movie Review )

"Look at him," Peter Rabbit seethes. "Pure evil. He even cuts grass angry." Peter, of course, is referring to his mortal enemy, old Mr. McGregor.

In in this case, mortal is no exaggeration. Sure, Peter's family has always had a hankering for the delectable veggies in Mr. McGregor's garden, veggies he and his family have never had a problem pilfering. Until one day, when Peter's beloved pops ends up on the receiving end of wicked old McGregor's spade. And then … in a pie.


Indeed, Mr. McGregor has it in for the entire Rabbit family, well dressed though they may be. And when McGregor grabs Peter by the ears sometime later, well, it looks like pie will be Peter's final fate too. But then, the old man … dies. Keels over. Drops dead of a heart attack. Kaput. No more veggies or rabbit pie for him.

"He's in a better place now," someone opines solemnly.

That's when the party starts.

Peter and all his animal friends—sisters Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-Tail; cousin Benjamin Bunny; Mr. Tod the fox; eloquent-but-gluttonous Pigling Bland; Felix D'eer; and many others—invade the suddenly guardian-free garden, and then the old man's house. It looks as if good fortune has finally smiled upon Peter and Co.: All the veggies they can eat and a fine, trashable estate to boot.

Until, that is, Mr. McGregor shows up. Not old Mr. McGregor. He is indeed dead and gone. (Carted off in an "ice cream truck with Christmas lights," Peter observes.) No, this is a younger version, Thomas McGregor, the curmudgeonly gardener's lone (and distant) heir. But he's not much of an improvement, attitude-wise, over the previous landlord. In fact, he might be more determined to purge his new estate's rabbits than his great uncle had been¬—if such a thing is possible.

Fortunately for Peter, he finds an unlikely ally in Bea, the pretty painter whose modest house sits a short stone's throw from the McGregor mansion. She's been painting the bunnies for years, and she finds them as delightful as Thomas does devilish.

But Thomas does find Bea pretty delightful, which might just be Peter Rabbit's salvation.

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