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We humans won the biggest, most terrifying conflict that had ever come our way.

An alien race known as the Precursors somehow ripped open a portal into our world and sent in gargantuan monsters to clear out the earthbound virus that is mankind. It took a great deal of human ingenuity, and the generous application of hard-hitting gigantic mechs called Jaegers (German for hunter), to beat those radioactive Kaiju back.

That all took place 10 years ago. And a decade can feel like a blip or a lifetime depending on your perspective.

Jake Pentacost, for instance, doesn't even want to think that far back. That's because he's had a hard time living up to his father's reputation: Marshal Stacker Pentecost just happens to be the guy who blew himself up to save the planet by sealing the breach those crafty Kaiju kept crawling through.

Jake would rather leave that legacy and the work of the Pan Pacific Defense Corp behind him. So he survives by scavenging valuable parts from fallen Jaegers that still scatter the landscape. And he squats rent-free in partially demolished estates of the once rich and famous. (I mean, half a mansion is better than a whole-but-grubby apartment, right?)

However, while living this scavenge-and-squat lifestyle, Jake has a chance encounter with a scrappy young woman named Amara. She's an orphan gearhead who also just happens to be building her own illegal Jaeger—something that the authorities are cracking down on.

Before you know it, both Jake and Amara get snatched up and are given an option: They can apply their skills on the right side of the law or get used to a prison cell. So they head to a PPDC base where Amara can learn the finer points of true Jaeger piloting, and where Jake can reunite with some old friends—like the hard-driving Ranger Nate Lambert—and slip back into that mech-driving role himself.

Of course, that doesn't mean that Jake is all that happy about the way things have turned out. He figures he'll just bide his time until he can slip away once more. But during that biding, a rogue Jaeger pops up and starts wreaking deadly havoc. What's worse, there appears to be a tie between this mech and … the Precursors?

Could there be a nefarious conspiracy afoot? Could humans actually be helping the hated Precursor cause? Could this be round two of the alien invasion?

For that matter, could it be time for another hero named Pentacost to step up and save mankind in its hour of greatest need?

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