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GAME NIGHT ( Movie Review )

Max and Annie love games: board games, card games, word games, stackable games. They live for games, hosting a game night with their other game-loving friends at least once a week.

In fact, this cute pair even met at a trivia tournament at a local bar. As captains of opposing, factoid-spouting teams, they couldn’t help but be drawn to each other through an obvious and mutual love for competition. Why, Max even proposed to Annie during a particularly spirited charades match.

Now that they’ve been teamed up for a short while, though, there’s one area where they haven’t been able to win: They don't earn high scores in the fertility department. But, in a way, even that might be due to Max’s hyper-competitive nature.

You see, Max’s brother, Brooks, has always been better than him. When they were kids, Brooks always won at Monopoly and Risk. And as adults, Brooks still seems to get dealt the better hand, win the better rewards, take the better titles in life. So Max’s doctor believes his patient's prevailing sense of inferiority may be the very reason that his sperm are, well, insecure.

It’s all mental, the doctor tells him. And as in any sport or game, your mental attitude is everything.

Of course, wouldn’t you know it, brother Brooks has moved temporarily to town. And not only is he driving around in Max’s childhood dream car, a 1969 Corvette Stingray, but he also wants to usurp Max and Annie’s regular game night with their friends. He’s going to host a competition at his incredibly decked-out rental home. And he’s planning to notch things up with a mystery competition of some type, one that apparently involves his staged kidnapping.


Max can practically feel his sperm count diminishing with every move Brooks makes. Well, there’s only one way to fight this takeover: Max and Annie decide they’ll work together as the best mystery-solvers the world has ever seen. They’ll gather all the right clues, make all the best choices and apply their years of competitive savvy to win this thing and foil ol' Brooks at his own game.

But there’s just one little problem: What if Brooks' “fake” kidnapping isn’t as fake as it seems? What if the thumping punches the bad guys throw aren’t staged? And what if the gun that Brooks drops is filled with … real bullets?

Suffice it to say there may be a number of moves that Max, Annie and their small group of friends aren’t expecting at this surprisingly high-stakes game night.

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