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I am Dely, a Graphic Designer. I have been working with projects of different sizes and with companies from all over the world for more than 9 years now. Several workplaces and loads of different projects have greatly shaped me as a professional.

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I specialize in creating graphic content – logos, brand identity, packaging, digital ads and print design. From the whole spectrum of my services, I find the development of new packaging concepts the most satisfying.

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When I start any design project, I strive to develop unique high quality concepts. Contact me if you want to develop a new product packaging, renew your corporate identity or, overall, to strengthen the visual appeal of your business. Check out my work!


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Hobbs & Shaw (Movie Review)

Luke Hobbs likes routine. Every morning he wakes up at 6 a.m., swallows a few (dozen?) raw eggs, bench-presses a Kia or two and then sets out to save the world. 

And, by his own admission, the guy’s pretty good at it. Practice makes perfect, right? Biceps that need their own airline seat don’t hurt, either. 

Clearly, the bad guys need to step up their game.

An inscrutable, deep-pocketed and ever-so-evil secret agency known as ETEON, thinks Hobbs is the bee’s knees physically, at least. Oh, sure, the Diplomatic Secret Service agent needs a serious attitude adjustment. But if ETEON succeeds in its goal of anihilating most of humanity, Hobbs might slot perfectly into the aftermath. Why, in ETEON’s imagined future, most everyone might have necks the size of truck tires. 

But ETEON really needs to commit some serious genocide before it can consider hiring new hulking adjuncts. And there’s a virus that seems just the ticket. 

Britain’s MI6 is after the virus, too, and a hotshot squad of its agents actually gets to the virus first. But ETEON is not so easily put off. It sends in Brixton Lore, a former MI6 agent himself who thanks to his employers has received a series of cyborgian upgrades. Those upgrades have given him super strength and even a super “Spidey sense,” if you will, which allows him to track, dodge and counter any errant fists flying in his direction. We can only assume he has a killer GPS system, too. And maybe his own version of Siri or Alexa. (“Hey, Me!” He might say during one of his frequent fistfights. “Play, ‘Macarena!’”)

In a showdown for the virus, Brixton quickly kills most of the MI6 squad. Agent Hattie Shaw manages to keep the virus out of Brixton’s hands, but only by making a deeply improbable escape and injecting the virus into her own body. In 72 hours, she’ll be dead. And given the virus’ wildly contagious nature and reliable lethality, the rest of the world might quickly follow.

Clearly, Hattie’s in need of some help, and the CIA sends some. It asks Hobbs to once again consider saving the world for them. But given he’ll be going against a super-human adversary, even Hobbs might need a little help.

The CIA turns to an unlikely source: Deckard Shaw, a former British assassin who’s gone freelance. Yes, he’s an odd pick, but here’s the thing: Hattie’s his sister. He’s an old pal of Brixton’s, too. In fact, you could say that by shooting Brixton in the head a few years ago Shaw helped make Brixton the machine man he is today.

Shaw knows Hobbs as well, by the way. (For a shadowy freelance assassin, the guy’s suprisingly well connected.) Only problem is, he hates Hobbs’ guts. He hates his face. He hates every muscle fiber on Hobbs’ body, and that’s a lot of hate. 

The two get along together just about as well as peanut butter and antifreeze, as Hamilton and Burr, as Taylor Swift and any one of her ex boyfriends.


THE LION KING 2019 (Movie Review)

Simba has a lot to learn. And Mufasa, his roaring royal pop and the Pride Lands' Lion King, is eager to teach him. 
Mufasa takes time to help Simba explore the vast African valley that is their kingdom, a land that stretches for as far as the eye can see. He explains important subjects, including things about the balance of large and small, good and evil. Mufasa lays out a tapestry of an ever-renewing existence, birth and death, a circle of life.
Simba hears his father's words. Some of them he takes to heart. But often, he's more concerned with the fun stuff of life: romping in tall grass, chasing small birds, rollicking with best bud Nala.
Unfortunately, choosing a steady diet of silly fun over wisdom can sometimes land a young cub in trouble, even if he is the crown prince. It can lead him into threatening shadows and make deadly foes take notice. When a prince doesn't heed his father's words he might also find himself misled by those who want to manipulate him. 
Simba's power-hungry and sly-eyed Uncle Scar, for instance, would like nothing better than to quietly deceive a witless cub into being bait in a trap. What kind of trap? It's a snare made up of sheer cliffs, a narrow gorge, nipping hyenas and stampeding antelope. A trap that might even kill a king, and in turn give power to the king's wily brother. 
And even though that hateful uncle masterminds the whole terrible thing, he's engineered his plot so cunningly that he can turn to his princely, foolish nephew and exclaim, "Simba, what have you done?!" And, of course, a young purblind cub might be instantly certain that he indeed is the one to blame running away to hide from the guilt and shame of his deeds.
Yes, Simba has a lot to learn if he's going to reclaim the Pride Lands' throne from his usurping uncle, Scar. Then again, after Simba bumps into a carefree warthog and meerkat duo, he's not sure he really wants to become the Lion King after all.


ANNA (Movie Review)

All Anna Politova ever wanted was a normal life. Orphaned at a young age, she grew up in Moscow suffering abuse, meddling in drugs and subsisting below the poverty line.

With non-existent self-esteem and dwindling hope in the world, Anna decides one night to end it all. But on the verge of death, she’s given a choice at the last minute by a mysterious man: serve for five years in the KGB as an operative or die.

Choosing the former, she embarks on a life filled with extreme violence—one that is continually dictated by her communist government.

When her five-year mark approaches, Anna learns that her promised independence was a lie. Distraught and embittered, she realizes that she alone holds the key to her own freedom.

But deliverance will come at a violent price.



It’s been a weird five years for Peter Parker even though technically, he’s barely aged a day.

Now, Peter is looking forward to a little normalcy. Instead of fretting about the end of the world, wouldn’t it be nice just to stress over finals? Instead of being a superhero, wouldn’t it be cool to just go to a superhero movie? Aquaman, maybe? With, I dunno, a girl?

He has a girl in mind, too: the cute, aloof, conspiratorial M.J. Sure, she’s a little weird. But he isn’t? Seems like a match made in heaven or, at least, in high school physics class.

Nick Fury, though, has other ideas.

The Avengers’ eye-patched CEO just came back from the Blip himself and discovered that most of his superstars have either A) died, B) gone back in time, or C) are in space somewhere doing, y’know, space things. But Fury’s well aware that Thanos is not the only superhuman threat to the earth. In fact, new threats seem to be literally burbling out of the ground.

They’re called Elementals, according to a mysterious new character dubbed (appropriately) Mysterio: semi-sentient masses of earth or air, fire or water. He fought them once in a parallel universe before they destroyed his version of Earth, that is. Now they’re here in our dimension, and Mysterio is willing to do battle yet again. But given how things ended last time he tangled with these creatures, the guy could use some help.

But Fury’s all-star lineup is just about empty. It’s time for a newish hero to get in the game to knock the dirt out of his Spidey shoes and step up to the plate.

If only he’d return Fury’s calls …


SHAFT (Movie Review)

Shaft is the toughest man in New York City. If you’ve spent time on the streets, you’ve heard of him. But this movie isn’t all about him. It’s more about his son and reluctant protégé, John Shaft Jr, otherwise known as JJ.

A cyber security expert with a degree from MIT and a tech ob at the FBI, JJ Shaft is the polar opposite of his absentee father. His mom, Maya, made sure of that.

Maya left Shaft years before when JJ was a baby and vowed to give her son a peaceful, non-violent upbringing. She couldn’t protect her boy from his dad entirely: I mean, JJ still received the occasional inappropriate birthday gift from him, and he knew that his dad was somewhere out there lawlessly battling crime. But JJ could at least live a different life.

And so he has. But JJ still has a knack for problem solving, just like his old man. Which comes in handy when JJ’s best friend, Karim, turns up dead. The police say it’s just a simple overdose, but JJ’s not buying it.

An amateur investigator who knows nothing about drug dealing and the mean streets, JJ turns to his father for help. And Shaft is quick to hop aboard as long as he can take down the same man he’s been stalking for years.


Ed and Lorraine Warren know evil when they see it. Well, when Lorraine sees it, anyway. Lorraine's heightened sensitivities to the spiritual world mean that she sees dark spiritual things just about every day.

It doesn't make for an easy life.

In spite of that or more accurately, because of it Lorraine and her husband have dedicated their lives to containing and stomping out the dark spiritual things of this world. And no matter how far they have to go or what they must do in the process, they keep pushing forward.

When Lorraine and Ed encounter particularly vile artifacts such as the infamously wicked doll known as Annabelle there's only one course of action: They must take those artifacts home. Now, that might seem like exactly the opposite thing you'd want to do in the face of evil. But Lorraine and Ed know that truly foul items can only be reined in when locked away and sealed with a priest's regular holy blessing.

Annabelle, for instance, is believed to be possessed by some demonic evil. But Lorraine realizes that the truth of the matter is far worse. Demons only possess people, not objects. No, Annabelle is something closer to a beacon, a magnet. For whatever reason, the doll draws evil to itself. In fact, Annabelle summons some of the most corrupt spiritual entities and unleashes these destructive forces on any nearby innocent.

Annabelle is so powerful that the Warren's must have the doll sprinkled with holy water, prayed over, blessed and then locked in a sacred glass box sealed with a talisman. Only then will the doll's unholy powers and the demons she draws be kept at bay. Then the room of artifacts itself must be triple locked against any possible breach. It's a strategy designed to keep everyone safe and sound.

The problem is, Ed and Lorraine aren't always home to keep watch over the dangerous artifacts they collect. Sure, the Warren's trust their 10-year-old daughter Judy without question. And the young woman who looks after Judy is trustworthy, too.

But evil has its ways. Yes, it has ways of deceiving and manipulating. And sometimes people can't see what's right in front of their eyes.

Which is a nasty problem indeed when you're dealing with something as evil as Annabelle.


DARK PHOENIX (Movie Review)

Mutants and humans have always had an uneasy relationship. But thanks to Professor Charles Xavier's diligent, careful efforts, the bridge between the two races seems as solid as it's ever been. Mutants aren't hunted, hated or feared these days. In fact, they're increasingly seen as … heroes.

So when NASA faces a crisis in 1992 one of its space shuttles is spinning out of control and drifting right toward a mysterious energy cloud that's menacing it the president calls Professor X. And Charles Xavier sends his X-Men into orbit to save the stranded, terrified astronauts.

And so they do, thanks to Nightcrawler's ability to teleport and Jean Grey's telekinetic ability to stop the crippled craft from spinning.

Jean, perhaps the most powerful among them all, doesn't get out of the derelict spacecraft in time. Instead, the mysterious mass of flame-like energy engulfs the shuttle, with Jean still trapped inside. But instead of incinerating her, she somehow absorbs the energy, screaming as its cosmic power permeates and penetrates her body, finding a new albeit unstable home within her.

Jean should be dead. In fact, blue-skinned shapeshifter Raven says as much. Raven's also increasingly leery of how Professor X seems willing to put the X-Men in harm's way for the sake of positive publicity. Even if it means risking their very lives in the process. Oh, yes, she knows Charles means well. But she doesn't trust his motivations. Especially when he seems to be enjoying his proximity to power of a different kind these days: the political variety.

Raven confides her concerns about Xavier's shifting loyalties to Hank McCoy, the sometimes blue-furred genius known as the Beast. Hank's not ready to bail on the X-Men just yet. But Raven's practically packing her bags.

At least, she was. Right up until the moment that Jean Grey's already potent abilities begin to leak out in frightening, increasingly destructive ways.

Jean desperately wants to believe that she's OK, that she's got it all under control, as does her boyfriend, Scott Summers, aka Cyclops. But as she revisits old memories of the car crash that took her parents life, old instabilities resurface. Violently.

Instabilities that a mysterious, white-haired woman named Vuk seems eager to exploit … if Jean's surging powers don't kill everyone on Earth first.



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