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I am Fadly, a Graphic Designer. I have been working with projects of different sizes and with companies from all over the world for more than 9 years now. Several workplaces and loads of different projects have greatly shaped me as a professional.

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I specialize in creating graphic content – logos, brand identity, packaging, digital ads and print design. From the whole spectrum of my services, I find the development of new packaging concepts the most satisfying.

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When I start any design project, I strive to develop unique high quality concepts. Contact me if you want to develop a new product packaging, renew your corporate identity or, overall, to strengthen the visual appeal of your business. Check out my work!


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Falling in love with you
is like milk falls in love with bread
They're meant to be together

I can never leave you
Now that I've met you

This kind of combination is not too much
Such sweetness is just decent

Your smile is the secret recipe
To ferment memories
And bake the unique taste of happiness

Can you ?
Would you

Let me depend on you forever ?


DOLITTLE ( Movie Review )

Dr. John Dolittle was quite the English celebrity at one time. He was known far and wide as the man who loved animals so much that he learned to speak their language. In fact, Dolittle became such a favorite of the Queen of England that she granted him his own estate and a vast, surrounding sanctuary full of animals.

Gorillas, elephants, polar bears, peacocks, rodents and birds of every shape and size: You name it, they flocked to and populated Dolittle’s walled-away refuge. Many humans showed up on his doorstep as well to simply get his wise and insightful help with their beasty problems. In fact, Dolittle was as much an animal psychologist as he was a veterianarian and medical doctor.

Dr. Dolittle was indeed happy and loved.

But then his beloved wife, Lily, a dynamic adventurer herself, died while off on a sea journey. And in the moment he learned of her passing, everything changed in the good man’s life.

Dolittle blamed himself for not trying to keep Lily from the dangerous journey. He lamented not being able to help the one person who meant more to him than anyone or anything else in the world. And so he refused visitors from that point on he stopped seeing or speaking with humans altogether and became a forgotten hermit hidden away in a forgotten manor.

It’s only when young Lady Rose arrives from Buckingham Palace that the outside world once again peeps in on the now scruffy and heavily bearded doc. The realm’s young queen is direly ill. (Some even suspect foul play.) And with her last lucid breath, the Queen sends Lady Rose to fetch the good Dr. Dolittle. He’s the only man trusted enough to give Her Majesty the lifesaving aid she so desperately needs.

It takes quite a bit of coaxing from Dolittle’s most trusted confidant the perky parrot, Polly and several other animal friends to pry the doctor away from his isolation. But finally Dolittle and a large entourage of furry and feathered friends make their way to the palace.

Tagging along with the mobile menagerie is another new friend: Tommy Stubbins, an unsually sensitive boy who had been seeking Dolittle’s help for a wounded squirrel. Little does Stubbins know the animal-talking adventure he’s about to be swept into.

When Dolittle and his crew finally arrive at the royal residence, what they find there is dire indeed. The Queen has been poisoned with the essense of a very rare and exotic flower. And there’s only one way to cure her: They must find the fruit of the mystical Eden Tree, the very thing that Lily was seeking when she met her demise.

This will indeed be the hardest journey that Dr. Dolittle has ever taken.



Getting sucked into a magical video game and nearly dying has a way of changing you. It certainly did for Spencer and his friends. It made this quartet of completely disparate teens— super-jock Fridge, cool-girl Bethany, geeky Spencer and brainiac Martha friends, for one thing.

Time, though, can change things, too. In the two years since their death-defying experience (in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle), they’ve all gone their separate ways. And they really haven’t stayed in close contact, as they had thought they would. Even Spencer and Martha the two who came out of the game as a definite couple have sorta drifted apart as of late.

So, when Spencer heads home to meet up with his pals over Christmas break from the NYC university he’s now attending, he’s feeling a bit less excited than he expected. He’s actually feeling like something of a loser: kinda like he used to feel when they were all together in high school together.

That’s apparently why he digs the pieces of the smashed up Jumanji video game console out of a box in his basement. It’s crazy, in light of all that happened before. But Spencer longs for the thrill of playing his heroic in-game avatar, Dr. Smoulder Bravestone.

Before you can say, What are you thinking!?, Spencer and his pals are once again sucked into the dangerous video game world of Jumanji. Only this time, Spencer’s octogenarian Grandpa Eddie gets pulled into the story, too. Oh, and Grandpa Eddie hits the digital ground running in the role of the hero, Bravestone, instead of Spencer.

Which raises the important question: Can a hero be incredibly muscular … and crotchety?


FROZEN II (Movie Review)

It’s rarely a good sign when you start hearing voices. It’s even worse when you have, y’know, a kingdom to run.

And Elsa really wants to be a good queen to the tiny city-state of Arendelle. Who could blame her? It’s her duty for one thing, given that she inherited the place from her father. Second, Elsa went to all the trouble of saving the kingdom in the last movie (with a little help from her friends and especially her sister, Anna). And she can’t let that sort of derring-do and sacrifice go to waste now, can she?

But the singing voice is maddeningly persistent. And it seems to be calling her to a mysterious, magical forest a land that her father told her and Anna about long ago.

That territory, Northuldra by name, isn’t exactly a vacation spot in Arendelle lore. Long ago, Elsa and Anna were told when they were just children, their grandfather went up to make peace with the people there (even giving them a shiny new dam). But he was betrayed. What followed might’ve been the shortest war in Arendelle history: A fearsome battle broke out, but then the forest’s nature spirits got involved sending many an Arendellian scurrying and sealing the whole place away behind an impenetrable wall of magical mist.

Could the voice be now calling Elsa into that mist? And if so, for what purpose?

Elsa needs to find out quickly. Because even though the mist is still firmly in place, the forest’s magical spirits have begun causing havoc beyond that foggy perimeter. Arendelle is under attack not by the Northuldrians, but by these elemental forces themselves, magical manifestations of earth, air, fire and water. Soon, the city’s citizens are forced to flee to the countryside.

Elsa is determined to save her kingdom. But she’s also determined to find the source of this mysterious voice. Could it be whispering to her to help her better understand the source of her own magical powers? Is it related to the elemental attacks on her kingdom? She doesn’t know for sure. But she tells Anna, “I believe whatever is calling me is good.”

Anna’s not so sure, and she’s determined to protect her big sis at any cost. She’s going with Elsa to the fearsome north, and don’t try to stop her. Anna’s beau Kristoff and his hulking reindeer, Sven, volunteer as well. And Olaf, the talking snowman? He promises to bring snacks.

Yes, Elsa’s ready for another adventure: to investigate the voice and further explore the nature of her wonderous, fearsome powers. But this time she won’t be doing it alone. This time, she knows there are people in her life that she can’t let go.

FORD V FERRARI (Movie Review)

Once upon a time, Henry Ford II decided to buy up a little Italian car company called Ferrari. You know, to add a bit of racing cred to his family-car image. I mean, Ferrari’s meticulously hand-crafted sports cars offered a lot of panache, but selling them at their required price point, even in the early 1960s, wasn’t easy. Ferrari was losing money hand over fist. Ford at that time, however, had plenty of cash. So it seemed to be a match made in motoring heaven.

Until it wasn’t.

Seemingly on the verge of a deal, Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari veers into a different lane (thanks to a 12th-hour lifeline from Fiat). That gives the proud Italian the freedom to speak his mind … bluntly. Ford makes “ugly little cars,” Enzo sneers, “in big ugly factories.”

Henry Ford is furious. And a man like Henry Ford II is not one to be trifled with. So he decides to beat Ferrari at its own game, on its own turf: the fabled 24 Hours of LeMans, where Ferrari’s race cars reign supreme.

Henry Ford II will bring in the brightest. He’ll bring in the best. And he’ll build his own Ford racer. In fact, he’ll build the best racing car in the world, and it will bury Ferrari at Le Mans, he fumes.

To make that all happen, Ford taps one Carroll Shelby.

Shelby had been known as one of America’s most incredible racers back in the late ’50s. But after he figuratively hit the wall with some unexpected heart problems, things had to change. Now, in the early 1960s, he’s parlaying his past fame and his car-designing know-how into selling sports cars baring his name.

Or perhaps, it would be more accurate to say Shelby was selling a sports car: the Shelby Cobra 427. Things are tight, and he only has a single car to sell right at the moment … which he does. Repeatedly. But when Ford, one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world, comes a-callin’, Shelby quickly signs up for the endeavor.

Shelby tells Ford that the only guy good enough to drive the car he’s going to make is Ken Miles, an irascible Brit with motor oil in his veins. “And how long did you tell them you needed? Two, three hundred years?” Miles asks when told of the car-building proposal. “Ninety days,” Shelby retorts amid his friend’s gails of laughter.

So now, the hard work begins. With a blank check, a racing car frame from England, and all the racing tech that money can buy, the men set to the task. They can imagine this wonder car, smell it, taste it, feel it in their bones.

And there’s really only one thing standing in their way: a little thing called … physics.


You probably know that more than 20 years ago, Sarah Conner and her son, John, shut down a futuristic defense computer network called Skynet and saved billions of lives. What you may not know is that John was killed soon after by a T-800 Terminator that had already been sent from that former future and was still set upon its assigned duties.

A mind-twisting paradox? Uh, yeah. But time-traveling Terminators don’t seem to care much about that type of time/space conundrum.

In fact, in the years since, Sarah has continued to receive messages and texts about new robotic threats from the future. Every couple of years, someone sends her the GPS coordinates of where yet another Terminator will be materializing in her timeline. And the stalwart, grizzled and revenge-driven Sarah Conner gears up, ventures out and destroys the thing before it can get onto its mission.

She’s gotten quite good at it. And, oddly, it’s given her a sense of purpose. As she puts it, “I hunt Terminators, and then I drink ’til I black out.”

Where are these things coming from and what do they want? Well, that’s a good question, since Skynet is no more. But Sarah doesn’t take the time to chat with them. And once she’s done hitting those super robots with enough ordinance to obliterate a small city, well, there’s not much evidence to explore.

Recently, though, an unexpected wrinkle popped up in Sarah’s highly regimented kill-and-black-out routine. She got another text, and when she arrived at the given location, she found something out of the ordinary (if you can call the usual murderous robots ordinary, that is).

This time, there was a young woman named Dani in the line of fire. And she was being protected by a super-strong “augmented” human named Grace (obviously, another product from the future). That was new … but familiar feeling, too. And the Terminator was something completely different.

The newest robotic assassin is something called a Rev-9. It has a liquid metal shapeshifting exterior (like Sarah’s been seeing lately), but it’s melded to a super-alloy endoskeleton. And the two parts can separate and operate independently: a nearly indestructible super killer that can split in two at a moment’s notice.

This new threat is going to take a fresh approach. And it appears that Sarah is going to be forced to hear answers to questions that she really hasn’t wanted to ask. Sometimes even a seasoned robo-killer can start feeling a little old for this sort of stuff.



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