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I am Dely, a Graphic Designer. I have been working with projects of different sizes and with companies from all over the world for more than 9 years now. Several workplaces and loads of different projects have greatly shaped me as a professional. I enjoy collaborating with companies that have high quality standards and believe in the power of good design.

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I specialize in creating graphic content – logos, brand identity, packaging, digital ads and print design. From the whole spectrum of my services, I find the development of new packaging concepts the most satisfying. Moreover, I have a passion for cooking when I am not on my graphic design duty.

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When I start any design project, I strive to develop unique high quality concepts. Contact me if you want to develop a new product packaging, renew your corporate identity or, overall, to strengthen the visual appeal of your business. Check out my work!


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SMALLFOOT (Movie Review)

Migo is a happy and contented yeti, as yetis go. He loves being a part of his big-footed community in the Himalayan mountains. And like everyone there, he enjoys each day and knows his job.

Migo is next in line to become the village gong-ringer, once his father retires. It's an important job, too. The gong-ringer flings himself across the valley and smacks that gong each morning with his own rugged noggin. It's painful work—a job that's flattened his dad's dome and left him a few feet shorter—but, hey, how else will the glowing Sky Snail know that it's time to rise in the east?

Yep, everyone knows his or her part by heart. And they know the rules, too. You see, their happy little yeti village has existed for hundreds of years, safe in the knowledge that all of their laws and histories are carved into small stones. The stones tell them, for instance, that they all fell from the backside of the Great Yak. The stones also declare that the yetis' cloud-shrouded mountain sits on the back of a phalanx of wooly mammoths. And other great facts.

Those stones are kept and worn as a garment by the Stonekeeper—a learned yeti sage who reminds them all of their sacred laws and truths. In fact, one of the stone laws is never to question the stones. Ever. And Migo never would have dreamed of doing such a thing except … except for the fact that he saw something. Something unexpected. Something startling. Something … small.

One day while practicing his flying gong bonk, he missed his mark and wound up out on a mountainside where he saw none other than the fabled Smallfoot.

This tiny little creature (that some call a "hew-mon") doesn't really exist. Or at least that's what the stones say. But Migo saw one. Its winged vehicle crashed down on the mountainside, and Migo saw the itty-bitty thing with his own big, round eyes. But by the time Migo ran back to the village to bring witnesses, all remnants of the crash had mysteriously slipped off the side of the mountain to be hidden away beneath the clouds.

The Stonekeeper says Migo must be mistaken. But when Migo keeps asking questions, The Stonekeeper banishes Migo from the village until he's learned the proper lesson: Some questions just need to be pushed away and forgotten.

But Migo isn't really in the mood for lessons. He wants the truth. And if that means traveling down the mountainside, past the clouds and down into the places where the stones said they never should go, well that's exactly what Migo is going to do.

Because, well, some questions just have to be asked. Some stones need to be challenged. Even if that means Migo might never return to his safe and happy village ever again.


VENOM ( Movie Review )

The devil made me do it!

This line never worked on my parents. But it doesn't stop me—or, maybe, most of us—from trying to escape blame by making excuses when we can. I was running late! we'll tell the police officer as he writes out a speeding ticket. You didn't remind me! we'll tell our spouse when we forget to pick up a pie. The dog ate my homework!

But Eddie Brock really has the king of all excuses: I was being controlled by a hungry alien Symbiote at the time!

And he has a point. It's not like he asked to be possessed by the thing. It's not his fault he was an ideal host. He was just minding his own business and doing absolutely nothing wrong.

Well, OK. So maybe he did secretly break into a super-sinister laboratory populated by evil scientists, dead test subjects and sentient piles of alien goo. And maybe he did smash through a lab room where one pile of said goo had possessed a not-yet-dead test subject. But did he actually invite said goo into his body? Ask it to start a running internal dialogue with him? Certainly not. Nope, if anyone lost their heads over this situation—and I mean that quite literally, given that the gooey Symbiote has a thing for biting them off—it's not Eddie's fault. He's just a bystander. Sort of.

But as Eddie and Venom (that's what the Symbiote calls itself, because it apparently studied English before its arrival and perhaps had ambitions of becoming a lead guitarist in a hip metal band) get to know each other, their relationship becomes less one-sided. Eddie suggests that not everyone deserves to be eaten, that Earth itself might be more than a gigantic, disposable buffet table. Venom, for his part, teaches Eddie the finer points of devouring live lobsters and throttling assailants with gooey tentacles.

In short, they become less a blatant example of multiple personality disorder and more of a team.

Good thing, too, because Eddie and Venom are being chased by a villain with a penchant for grand rationalization himself: medical and tech visionary Carlton Drake. Sure, I brought a few Symbiotes to Earth, he'll admit. Yeah, maybe they killed a few people. And OK, so they may want to subjugate, enslave and eventually eat the entire human race. They won't get that far … I don't think. Sure, some folks may be killed and eaten, but it's really for the betterment of all. And hey, if I'm wrong … well, it's not my fault.

The Symbiote made me do it.


THE PREDATOR (Movie Review)

Quinn McKenna is a Special Forces guy who's very effective behind a sniper scope and hair trigger. If you want some scum somewhere in the world taken out at 1,000 feet via a bullet to the forehead, Quinn's your guy.

His latest kill-the-bad-guy mission, though, was interrupted when a UFO came crashing down in his vicinity. Yep, you read that right: an unidentified flying object. And after the crash, this large, nasty-looking armored creature crawled out of the wreckage and killed Quinn's whole squad.

Well, not quite the whole squad. Quinn managed to get away. He even escaped with a few pieces of alien tech that he mailed to himself as a kind of insurance.

Insurance for what, you ask? C'mon, you've seen sci-fi movies before, right? This was a killer space alien. For all Quinn knows, the government will probably try to cover the whole thing up. And maybe make him, um, disappear.

Which is exactly what happens.

U.S. authorities somehow get their hands on said alien and tuck the beastie away in some secret facility. Then Quinn gets sent off to be institutionalized for, uh, "seeing a space alien." He's soon lumped in with a bunch of other "crazy" ex-G.I.s, all of whom run the gamut from being merely shell shocked to full-on bonkers.

Of course, the government's whole cover-up strategy goes sideways anyway. (I mean, these things always go sideways, right?)

After that captive alien escapes—and another even bigger one shows up—it's rampage time. And Quinn, a pretty biologist named Casey, and a gaggle of self-proclaimed "loonies" are the only ones left standing between deadly aliens and all the innocents in a heavily populated area.

One of those innocents, Quinn's young son, Rory (who's on the spectrum) asks about all the killing. He wonders what makes Quinn any different from other people and things that kill and murder. And after a pause, Quinn proclaims that the difference is in how much someone enjoys the deadly things he does.

But the dirty little secret, though, is that Quinn kinda likes killing things.

He likes it a lot.

So does the Predator.


Lewis Barnavelt's life is all ajumble.

After his parents die in a car crash, the orphaned tween has to travel on his own to the little town of New Zebedee, Michigan, to meet an uncle he'd never seen before. And when they do meet, Lewis isn't altogether sure what to make of the little man dressed in a silky robe—his "ka-moan-oh," as Uncle Jonathan calls it.

"There's no bedtimes, no bathtimes or mealtimes in this house," the bearded, overly expressive fellow declares after they make their way home from the bus station. In fact, Uncle Jonathan makes it clear that chocolate-chip cookies are a fine meal, too, thank you very much. "You can eat cookies 'til you throw up, for all I care," he proclaims, smiling in the confused boy's direction.

And that's hardly the only strange thing about Lewis' new home. The old house—full of mahogany banisters, oddly moving stained glass windows, walls lined with ticking clocks and a lounge chair that makes a noise that almost sounds like a … bark?—is a curious child's wonderland. It's a crazy place that's lightly sprinkled with something approaching magic. At least, that's how Lewis sees it.

Uncle Jonathan's next-door neighbor, Mrs. Zimmerman, is pretty magical, too. At the very least, she's magically charming. She always dresses in purple, and she always smiles Lewis' way with a sparkle in her eye. And there's always a comical, cutting jab at Uncle Jonathan on her lips.

"I'm relieved to see that you didn't inherit your uncle's freakishly oversized head," she says with an impish grin.

"Did that withered purple skeleton just speak?" Uncle Jonathan gasps in reply.

And on and on they go.

In spite of all that, though, Lewis still isn't so sure about his current place in the world. The kids at his new school call Uncle Jonathan's house "the slaughterhouse," and they speak of murders and hauntings there. Indeed, a number of creepy things do pop up in that old, creaky, ticking place. Especially at night.

But then something even more life-changing happens, an event that tips Lewis' skewed life in a totally different direction. While answering some pointed questions, Uncle Jonathan admits that he's a … warlock. Yes, he's a male witch. He says that there was in fact a death in the house involving an evil person. And he confesses that the house has some kind of ticking doomsday clock hidden somewhere in its walls.

But biggest shock of all is this: Uncle Jonathan says that he's willing to teach young Lewis the ropes of casting magic. There are scores of books to read, facts to memorize and incantations to practice. But the most important element of all, Lewis eventually learns, will have to come from himself, completely on his own.

Maybe, just maybe, Lewis thinks, his new life won't be as bad as he first thought.


PEPPERMINT (Movie Review)

Kalian pernah mendengar kisah Batman?

Batman : Tentang pria muda yang melihat orang tuanya terbunuh dan kemudian berangkat untuk memalu-and-tong dirinya menjadi senjata melawan kejahatan otak dan otot.

Yah, kamu bisa memikirkan Riley North sebagai versi wanita dari cerita itu. Dia adalah seorang ibu yang penuh kasih dan perhatian yang keluarganya dibunuh secara brutal tepat di depan matanya. Satu menit mereka semua menikmati es krim bersama. Selanjutnya mereka penuh dengan peluru dan tergeletak di genangan darah di selokan. Meskipun Riley melihat preman jalanan yang melakukannya dan bersaksi pada fakta itu. Sistem hukum yang korup membuat mereka semua berjalan dengan seringai jahat di bibir mereka.

Jadi Riley mencuri banyak uang, menghabiskan lima tahun di luar negeri bertempur dalam pertandingan kandang dan kembali diasah untuk kesempurnaan yang beradab, siap untuk memukul punggung orang jahat. Apa yang aku katakan? Dia siap untuk menjagal beberapa orang jahat. Dan itu berlaku untuk hakim, pengacara, dan siapa pun yang terlibat dengan kekejaman keadilan keluarganya yang mengerikan. Dia akan memakukan mereka ke meja, meniup otak mereka, menutup luka-lukanya, dan kembali lagi.

Riley tidak punya aturan. Tanpa batas. Tidak ada komplain. Dia adalah pasukan pembunuh yang tak terbendung yang lebih berdarah dan lebih buruk daripada setiap senapan otomatis yang bersenjatakan senapan. Bahkan, jika Anda memberinya cukup waktu, mereka tidak akan bernapas.

Now, if you’re thinking that Riley’s no-rules rage doesn’t sound very Batman-ish at all, well, I suppose you’d be correct. Then again, vigilante justice has gotten a lot nastier lately.

So, Riley might suggest that you simply get outta her way if you don’t want any of her bloody justice splashing on you.

Masih Ingat Game Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3 & Wild Arms ?

Introducing PlayStation Classic, with 20 Pre-Loaded Games

Konsol mini ini kira-kira 45% lebih kecil dari PlayStation asli, meniru tampilan dan nuansa asli dengan menampilkan pengontrol dan pengemasan yang serupa. Penggemar lama akan menghargai nostalgia yang datang dengan menemukan kembali permainan yang mereka kenal dan sukai, sementara para gamer yang mungkin baru di platform dapat menikmati pengalaman konsol PlayStation yang inovatif yang memulai semuanya. Semua game pre-loaded akan dapat dimainkan dalam format aslinya.

Visit PlayStation.com for more details on regional availability, and stay tuned to the Blog for the full lineup of titles coming to PlayStation Classic. There are more fan favorites, and we can’t wait to share more details in the coming months.



Eleanor Young is not a woman to be trifled with. Just ask anyone who's ever mistaken her quiet demeanor for passivity.

Take, say, the manager of a posh London hotel back in 1995, who tried to tell her that the room she'd reserved for her family wasn't available. One phone call later, she owned the place. Suffice it to say that she got the room she'd reserved.

Back in the present, Eleanor's son, Nick, is the apple of her eye. But he's weary of the burden that comes with being the heir apparent to the Young family's sprawling business empire in Singapore. Though Nick's practically treated like a rock star in his home country, he's managed to live a bit more under the radar in New York City for the last several years.

There, he met and fell in love with Rachel Chu, an economics professor at Columbia University and daughter of a hardworking single mom. Somehow, Rachel doesn't know that Nick's practically a crown prince, metaphorically speaking, in his home country. No, to her, Nick's just a polite, attractive, attentive boyfriend.

Just a normal guy. Just like she's a normal girl.

Rachel's thrilled that Nick has invited her to travel with him to Singapore to attend his best friend Colin's wedding, in which Nick will be the best man. After all, whenever Rachel has tried to talk with Nick about his family, he's been pretty quick to change the subject. Now she's finally going to have a chance to meet them.

Rachel's first clue that Nick hasn't quite told her everything about himself comes when they get on the plane … and get a private suite. And champagne. And silk pajamas for the long trip.

Nick tries to explain. "Yes, my family has money," he says modestly. "I've always thought of it as theirs, not mine."

But though Nick's sought to distance himself from his rich relatives, his family has all kinds of plans about his triumphant return to Singapore. Plans that as Rachel soon discovers don't include him spending the rest of his life with a "poor" Chinese-American girlfriend. At least as far as his domineering mother, Eleanor, is concerned, that is.

But slowly, Rachel begins to win over key members of Nick's "crazy rich Asian" family perhaps even beginning to thaw the ice-hard heart of Eleanor Young herself.



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