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I am Dely, a Graphic Designer. I have been working with projects of different sizes and with companies from all over the world for more than 9 years now. Several workplaces and loads of different projects have greatly shaped me as a professional. I enjoy collaborating with companies that have high quality standards and believe in the power of good design.

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I specialize in creating graphic content – logos, brand identity, packaging, digital ads and print design. From the whole spectrum of my services, I find the development of new packaging concepts the most satisfying. Moreover, I have a passion for cooking when I am not on my graphic design duty.

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When I start any design project, I strive to develop unique high quality concepts. Contact me if you want to develop a new product packaging, renew your corporate identity or, overall, to strengthen the visual appeal of your business. Check out my work!


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THE MEG (Movie Review)

Musim panas hubungannya dengan pantai, lalu berenang. Saya agak trauma berenang di laut karena satu film, JAWS ! hehe

Two years ago, we got The Shallows. Last summer, we had 47 Meters Down. Now we’re treated to the deliriously goofy sight of bullet-headed Cockney badass Jason Statham going mano a mano with not just any deep-sea predator, but a 75 foot long megalodon a prehistoric killing machine long thought to be as extinct as the woolly mammoth.

Through a fluke of science too absurd to explain (the movie only half-heartedly tries), this Jurassic shark has slipped through a crack in the ocean floor off the coast of China to wreak havoc on an underwater research facility and its hubristic billionaire benefactor (a smug-but-not-smug-enough Rainn Wilson). Since this is a Statham vehicle, his can-do salvage specialist character, Jonas Taylor, is given a tragic and perfunctory backstory that offers up a chance of manly redemption. It’s pure nonsense. But if that’s the kind of thing that’s going to trip you up, well, there’s a wonderful Mr. Rogers documentary playing two doors down.

I’ll be honest, The Meg isn’t nearly as good (or as white-knuckle gory) as the movie I had imagined in my head. The CGI is mediocre at best, and a romantic subplot with a single-mom scientist (Li Bingbing) is sentimental hooey. But it is ridiculous, cheesy popcorn fun. And Statham, God bless him, knows exactly what kind of guilty pleasure he’s signed on for Sharknado with a bigger budget and a much bigger monster



Anarchist Solomon (Lane) berada di balik jeruji besi, dan pengikutnya tersebar dalam pelarian. So you'd think that Impossible Missions Force operative Ethan Hunt might be due a small vacation for his role in those successes.

But that's not the kind of guy Ethan Hunt is.

Ethan selalu siap, selalu waspada, selalu khawatir tentang ancaman apa yang mungkin terjadi di belakang. Pikirannya selalu dipenuhi oleh berbagai kemungkinan, mimpinya terganggu oleh peringatan-peringatan yang menakutkan dan gambaran-gambaran apocalyptic.

Turns out his restless tossing and turning is for good reason..

Sisa-sisa sindikat Lane sudah mulai menyebut diri mereka The Apostles. Mereka telah bergabung dengan seseorang yang mengeluarkan manifesto mematikan, seorang pembunuh misterius bernama John Lark. Seorang ahli senjata nuklir dan tiga inti plutonium Rusia telah hilang. The authorities believe that the cores could be weaponized within 72 hours.

And no one knows the whereabouts of any of the above pieces or players.

Sudah waktunya bagi Ethan dan timnya untuk beraksi lagi, bukan? Tapi tidak semudah ini berputar. Anda lihat, CIA tidak terlalu senang dengan beberapa kesalahan yang dilakukan Ethan dan timnya di masa lalu. Jadi Badan telah mendapat persetujuan resmi untuk menempatkan agennya sendiri di tim Ethan.

"Anda menggunakan pisau bedah," kata direktur CIA Erica Sloan tentang metode IMF. "Aku lebih suka palu." Dan itulah yang disebut agen August Walker: palu godam manusia dengan lampu hijau untuk menghantam apa pun atau siapa pun yang berada di antara dia dan inti nuklir itu.

Kemudian ada orang gila Solomon Lane lagi. Apakah saya menyebutkan bahwa memfasilitasi pelariannya harus menjadi bagian dari rencana? Ada juga agen MI6 berbahaya dengan agendanya sendiri yang beredar di luar sana juga. Dan jika semua itu tidak cukup drama, mantan istri tercinta Ethan, Julia, berada di garis bidik seseorang juga.

Sounds like this mission might not only be impossible, but maybe a train wreck, too. And Ethan thought he was having a hard time sleeping before all this.



Sudah setahun Ibu Sophie (the indefatigable Donna) meninggal . Sejak itu, Sophie telah bekerja keras di pulau Yunani Kalokairi untuk memenuhi impian ibunya: membuka hotel kecil yang indah yang diberi nama Bella Donna.

Namun demikian, ada komplikasi. Dua dari tiga "ayah" Sophie (tidak pernah jelas siapa yang sebenarnya adalah ayah kandungnya, mengingat pergaulan bebas di sekitar kehamilan ibunya beberapa tahun sebelumnya) tidak akan dapat menghadiri pembukaan. Kekasihnya, Sky, ada di New York dan berpikir tentang tinggal di sana. Dan ada badai yang mengancam di cakrawala yang mungkin menyela perayaan pantai bahagia sekaligus.

All of that sends Sophie off on a thoughtful journey. As she shows a couple old friends around the refurbished island property, ia mengenang kembali tantangan ibu dua puluhan tahun sebelumnya. Saat itu, Donna bergumul dengan pertanyaan tentang masa depannya ketika dia meninggalkan sekolah dan menemukan jalannya ke pulau Yunani kecil ini. Dia menyulap kecemasan romantis karena memiliki tiga kekasih ganteng. Dan dia juga punya badai di cakrawala.

If that all sounds like a set-up for some flashback dance sequences and a musical number or two, well, it is.


Hotel Transylvania 3 (Movie Review)

Hotel Transylvania 3 Is a Pleasantly Forgettable Parade of Ghouls and Spooks and EDM DJs

Honestly, the end credits of Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation almost make the whole thing worth it. Forgive me if this is a regular thing — this is my welcome to the Hotel Transylvania, you see — but the latest iteration of Genndy Tartakovsky and Adam Sandler’s apparently fruitful animation collaboration ends in a kinetic, boldly lined, at least partially hand-drawn sequence that is simultaneously retro Tex Avery homage and contemporary graphic sensibility — in other words, classic Tartakovsky. It’s similar to a trick pulled at the end of Boss Baby, a far better film (seriously) that was still vastly improved by a virtuosic turn of conventional-ish animation in its final minutes. Are the animators of the world trying to tell us something, by saving all these fireworks for 2D?

Not for nothing, but I spent much of HT3:SV trying to imagine if I would like it better as a piece of conventional animation. It’s a mostly benign piece of rendered silliness, restlessly (at points exhaustingly) slapstick, deriving most of its amusement from over-the-top movements and reactions, mercifully free of knowing cultural references or parents-only jokes. It could play in any language — or for 3-year-olds. But it’s also dizzyingly free of anything to hang onto — each scene seems to be divorced from what came before, characters behave, visually and verbally, unrecognizably depending on what eye-popping piece of action they are presented with. I found myself taking frantic notes, not so much because I had any urgent observations, but because I was aware the whole thing would fade from my memory as soon as I left the theater.

Sandler voices Count Dracula, who in this franchise has found lucrative work in the hospitality business, specifically catering to other monsters and creatures of the night and their R&R needs. But three films in, the grind has gotten to him, and he finds himself longing for a love connection — a “zing” as it’s called in the monster world — to round out his overall quality of life. His daughter and lone normie in this world, Mavis (Selena Gomez), surprises him with a cruise vacation to help him unwind, and of course all the wolfmen, mummies, and Frankenstein’s-monster denizens of the hotel come along for the trip. Almost instantly, he falls for the ship’s captain Ericka (Kathryn Hahn,) who, unbeknownst to him, is the great-granddaughter of Abraham Van Helsing, his longtime tormentor, who has tasked his successor with finally obliterating his bloodsucking nemesis. High jinks ensue as the night cruise makes its way to its various ports of call, from a lava-spewing underwater volcano, to a Vegas-like Atlantis.

If that sounds like a plot, it certainly doesn’t feel like one in the moment. Hotel Transylvania exists for the outsized way its phantasmagorical figures dance, shuffleboard, and otherwise move across the screen, which is so angular and outsized as to be almost avant-garde, and at times inscrutable. Tartakovsky, the stylistic force behind such modern-day TV animation classics as Dexter’s Laboratory and Samurai Jack, is obviously enamored with the comedic possibility of movement in animation, but here it is divorced from any sense of character or human (or monster) truth. The voice cast, which also includes Steven Buscemi, Molly Shannon, and Keegan-Michael Key, is impeccable, but also largely unnecessary for something so decidedly nonverbal.

I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining too much — again, I’d much rather see an animator flexing with such abandon than be beholden to a flurry of punch-up gags. (The only possible exception is its bizarre adherence to EDM; Dutch blockbuster DJ Tiësto has a music credit, primarily showcased in a climactic DJ battle scene that seems proof contemporary mainstream dance music is and has always been music for babies.) Ultimately, Hotel Transylvania 3 is for very young children, and God love it for that — sitting through the trailers that ran before a preview screening last night made me all too aware of the degree to which animated film has become the territory of brands and Silicon Valley cultural programming. Far be it from me to begrudge some insubstantial hangout time with Sandler’s Dracula, whose only conceivable call to action might be an adolescent affinity for Bela Lugosi or goth role-playing. The kids could do a lot worse.


Will Sawyer adalah mantan agen federal. Bahkan, dia adalah pemimpin yang sangat dihormati dari Tim Penyelamat Penyanderaan FBI sampai satu upaya menyelamatkan nyawa menjadi sangat salah dan Will kehilangan sebagian besar kaki kirinya.

Namun, berkat bencana itu, Will bertemu calon istrinya, Sarah, seorang perawat yang sempurna dengan latar belakang militernya sendiri. Mereka akhirnya memiliki dua anak yang hebat, Georgia dan Henry, yang telah mengubah kehidupan mereka secara radikal. Namun, satu bidang yang ingin dia lihat akan menjadi lebih baik adalah di bidang bisnis. Akan memulai perusahaan keamanan kecil sendiri setelah meninggalkan agensi. Seorang mantan rekan setim FBI baru-baru ini menghubungkannya dengan seorang milyuner Cina, Zhao Long Ji, yang baru saja selesai membangun gedung pencakar langit tertinggi di dunia. Ini 300 lantai dari baja, kaca dan titanium - tiga kali lipat ukuran gedung Empire State. Hanya 90 lantai pertama memiliki penyewa pada saat ini, tetapi sisa bangunan besar akan segera dibuka.

Menempel di sana untuk membantu kebutuhan keamanan gedung bisa menjadi peluang seumur hidup. Jadi Will dan Sarah berkemas dan pergi ke Hong Kong. Will mempelajari banyak seluk-beluk dan perlindungan dari sistem keamanan canggih bangunan adalah bahwa ada plot teroris yang sedang terjadi. Ini melibatkan miliarder rahasia dan tiga sindikat kejahatan yang berbeda. Istri Will dan anak-anak terdampar di lantai atas gedung pencakar langit dan seluruh lantai dibakar di bawah mereka. Rencana teroris multinasional sangat teliti. Sistem bangunan telah dibajak dengan penuh percaya diri. Pembunuh itu kejam.

And the only man who can save Sarah and the kids is Will a one-legged security guy with just enough grit, muscle, and fatherly love to get the job done.


Ant-Man and the Wasp (Movie Review)

Scott Lang (Ant Man) berada di dalam masalah. Luka lama di Sokovia, dimana dia mencoba membantu Captain Amerika dan itu melanggar aturan superhero yang di kenal Kesepakatan Sokovia. Sehingga Lang menjadi tahanan rumah.

Jika Lang ingin bebas dan tetap dengan putrinya yang sangat di cintai (Cassie). Lang harus menerima hukuman dengan sabar dan tidak boleh menggunakan kostum superhero selama masa tahanan. Lang juga memakai monitor di mata kakinya agar semua aktifitas lang bisa di kontrol oleh FBI.

Sayangnya, pembuat costum Ant-Man, Dr. Hank Pym dan putrinya, Hope (Wasp) memiliki rencana lain. Mereka memiliki misi ant-Man-worthy yang mendesak yang membutuhkan perhatian langsung Lang. Dia harus bekerja sama dengan Wasp dan membantu mereka dengan misteri Quantum Realm. Ini melibatkan kemungkinan yang menggiurkan bahwa istri Hank, Janet Van Dyn, yang diperkirakan telah meninggal beberapa dekade sebelumnya, mungkin masih hidup di suatu tempat di mikroversa itu.

Tetapi untuk mencari di sini, mereka membutuhkan bantuan Lang. Dan itu harus segera!

Konflik dengan villain yang di sebut Ghost (Ava) , merebutkan komponen agar bisa membawa mereka untuk menjemput Istri Hank (Mama Hope). Setelah komponen tersebut di dapatkan. Hank bisa membawa kembali Istrinya dan bisa berkumpul besama Hope & Lang.

Jangan lupa nonton sampai layar bioskopnya benar benar mati. Ada Karpet Merah menuju Avengers 4.


Bola itu Bundar

Sudah masuk Quarter-Finals, tapi worldcup tahun ini memang tidak mudah untuk di prediksi. Bersamaan dengan bola itu bundar, yang gak di jagokan sama sekali mungkin bias menjadi juara.

Seperti keadaan aku sekarang ini, yang sedang dilema ingin focus kemana. Kebetulan aku mempunyai beberapa keahlian, mungkin harus focus tertuju di mana aku bisa melakukannya dengan tujuan yang pasti. Berusaha konsisten dan jujur dalam berkarya, mungkin suatu saat nanti tulisan ini akan menjadi saksi. Jikalau aku sudah menentukan dimana bidang yang aku geluti ini, jadi akan lebih fokus menjalaninya.




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